Jun 19, 2006

Lexington Lies

A month after David Parker's 7-year old son was beaten in the Estabrook schoolyard in Lexington, during recess, Lexington Superintendent Paul Ash is finally asking the State Police and DA to investigate. Ash admitted it was pressure from MassResistance that forced him to confront the issue.
Massresistance has documented the hostile and virilent attacks against David Parker by the Pro-Gay group, Lexingtoncares. Members of Lexingtoncares have protested outside of Parker's home, and several of the Estabrook Elementary students involved in beating David Parker's son have parents involved in Lexingtoncares.
Lexingtoncares issued a press release the day before Superintendent Ash issued his press release. Apparently, the school librarian and several other school officials had spoken with members of the group Lexingtoncares.
"Why are these school officials talking to a local homosexual group about this incident? asked Brian Camenker of Massresistence. "This is not only extremely unprofessional, but troubling and offensive. And the hypocrisy surrounding this whole thing is breathtaking. If this had been the other side, they would have practically closed the schools over it."

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