Jun 19, 2006

New Low in Lexington?

David Parker’s 7 year old son goes to Estabrook School in Lexington, MA. Several months ago, the 2nd grade teacher read a “fairy tale” where a Prince marries another man – this is Massachusetts after all. David Parker, and other parents, asked that they be notified before this type of content was presented in class, so that his son could opt-out. http://www.wmca.com/weblogs/kmc/date04192006.aspx

Even though this type of same-sex marriage story violated the parent’s conscience and their religious convictions, Lexington School Superintendent Paul Ash denied their request; the book would be taught in 2nd grade, no parents would be notified when it was taught, and no parent could opt-out their child.

When David Parker went to meet with the Superintendent, Ash refused to meet him, and had David Parker arrested when Parker refused to leave until he met with Superintendent Ash.

Because David Parker wanted to opt-out his kid from classes when homosexuality or transgenderism were discussed, he has been vilified by the School system and by liberal activists, who protest in front of his home, write nasty and false letters about him, and post these letters on a web site and in the school itself. http://www.lexingtoncares.org/

Despite these insults David Parker has continued to fight for his, and our, rights to religious liberty and parental involvement, filing a federal civil rights suit against Lexington. http://www.article8.org/docs/news_events/parker/main.htm#section4

Last May 17, ten students, many the children of other liberal Lexington parents who protested outside of David Parker’s home, “grabbed David Parker's 7-year-old son, dragged him behind the corner of the school, well out of sight from school officials, and proceeded to punch him in the groin, stomach and chest, before he dropped to the ground when they then kicked and stomped on him.” (Worldnet Daily). The kids who beat up David Parker’s son were not punished!

You could help David Parker and his family by praying, making a donation to his legal fund, http://massresistance.com/ or contacting Lexington Superintendent Paul Ash, pash@sch.ci.lexington.ma.us or (781) 861-2550.

Who knew the Liberal activists would sink to this level in the Culture War? Then again, when someone does not believe in absolutes, perhaps we should not be surprised.

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