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Mar 26, 2017

Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court

A Life Site News opinion written by Steve Jalsevac warns that Judge Neil Gorsuch is no Antonin Scalia, based on Gorsuch's testimony before the Senate during his confirmation hearings. Specifically on his answers to Sen. Dick Durban regarding precedent, and his praise of Court Members who are not Pro-Life.

I disagree and would recommend Pro-Life and Pro-Traditional Family voters not worry about these specific concerns.

I watched the Gorsuch hearings on CSPAN, this incident in particular. The reason Sen. Durban and other Democrats asked these questions on precedent and other court members appear to me to be two fold at least;

1. This was an organized attempt by Democrats to force Gorsuch to have to recuse himself should a case involving the possibility to overturn Roe v. Wade come to the Supreme court in coming years. Even if Gorsuch did not recuse himself, the Abortion Lobby's Legislators would use his answers as a war cry to at minimum emotionalize and inflame the decision, which always seems to affect Justice Kennedy to the Progressive's benefit
2. Trapping Gorsuch into an alleged or contrived back-handed insult of Kennedy would likewise drive the impressionable Jurist further into the arms of Justices Kagan and Sotomayer, possibly contributing to the politicization of the Supreme court as similar tactics have successfully politicized the Intelligence community, especially the CIA under director John Brennan and acting director Mike Morell

The reason Gorsuch answered as such was to ensure that he does not even present any appearance of either needing to recuse himself or of contributing to any animosity or personality divsions on the High Court. He has to say that he respects the rule of Law. What was unsaid here is that the Supreme court also gets to decide what is precedent - and that will be key to overturning Roe and Doe. The Democrats were trying to force Gorsuch to say that Roe was some type of Super Precedent, when in fact it is no different from other precedents that were eventually overturned because they were wrongly decided, cases such as Dred Scott that declared once a slave always a slave even in a free state, and Plessey vs. Fergusion which set the precedent that Separate but Equal schools were an acceptable way to maintain Segregation.

I am simply not worried about this. All of Gorsuch's body of work shows he will maintain an Originalist interpretation of the Constitution. Straying from Originalism has led to almost all the mistakes in Jurisprudence in the USA.
I'm also sure my thoughts here are not original at all, lots of people way smarter than me think Gorsuch would make an excellent choice for the SCOTUS.

"I cannot say"

It seems to me I often hear Pope Francis answer questions about whether divorced and civilly re-married Catholics can receive the Eucharist that there are dependencies, and that he will add the phrase "I cannot say" when gray areas are discussed. Since I believe the doctrine of Papal Infallibility, I'd argue that the Holy Spirit may be in action here, when the Pope adds "I cannot say." In other words I take this literally.

With this in mind, I take note of what the Pope said to the Chilean Bishops recently, as reported in the Catholic Herald with links to the original Spanish.

The Chilean bishops were speaking to the newspaper El Mercurio, which paraphrased their remarks and included a few direct quotations. Here’s the key passage:

¿Comunión a los divorciados? Con la misma decisión, el Pontífice negó que su objetivo con el sínodo al que convocó sobre la familia haya sido autorizar la comunión de los divorciados. Les habló de que no hay “moral de situación”, dicen otras fuentes. “Nos cuesta mucho ver los grises”, les habría dicho, cuando contó un caso personal, familiar suyo. “Tengo una sobrina casada con un divorciado, bueno, católico, de misa dominical y que cuando se confiesa le dice al sacerdote ‘sé que no puede absolverme, pero deme su bendición'”.
The Pope says a few separate things here:

* The objective of the Family Synod was not to authorise Communion for the remarried (“autorizar la comunión de los divorciados”).
* “It’s not a matter of ‘situation ethics’.” (“Les habló de que no hay ‘moral de situación.’”)
* It’s difficult for us to see grey areas. (“Nos cuesta mucho ver los grises.”)
* His niece is married to a divorced man who doesn’t take Communion, but tells the priest: “I know you can’t absolve me, but give me a blessing.” (“Sé que no puede absolverme, pero deme su bendición.”)

F#@&!~* Pro-Lifers

On the morning of Thursday March 16th the Pro-Life prayer protesters on Pleasant Street were verbally assaulted by a Planned Parenthood supporter whose speech patterns were salted with a liberal use of the F-word (would progressive use of the F-word work here?). Not to deligitimize the fear felt by many on our side, who were on Pleasant St. in Worcester for the 40 Days for Life campaign, but one experienced sidewalk counselor believed the assailant's speech, as angry and loud as it was, had a rehearsed quality to it, a kind of attention to talking points detail, which included;
- that F#@&!~* Pro-Lifers did not know what they were doing, or advocating
- that F#@&!~* Pro-Lifers only care about the birth, and forget the baby afterwards
- that F#@&!~* Pro-Lifers are religious fanatics who want to shame women
- that F#@&!~* Pro-Lifers were never there for this man in his past, who could have benefited from help because he was adopted and for the first 7 years of his life was abused by his adoptive parents.

The gist of this man's F#@&!~* speech was that he may have been better off being aborted.

In between the F#@&!~* verbal tirade of talking points, the experienced sidewalk counselor (and baby-saver) asked some questions. she did not use the F-word;
- can I ask you a question?
You shouldn't F#@&!~* be here
- do you work?
Yes I do...F#@&!~*, F#@&!~*, F#@&!~*
- what type of work do you do?
I work with substance abusers, what's that have to F#@&!~* do with anything
- have you ever made a difference in anyone's life?

[noticeable pause]

liberal F#@& word user regains composure, makes comment about experienced sidewalk counselor and baby-saver not trying to smooth talk him, then leaves.

On Saturday March 25th, appropriately enough the Incarnation, the same Planned Parenthood supporter with the progressively salted speech patterns appeared again on Pleasant St. This time he threatened Fr. Ken, waving his arms down so that his gloves flew off of his hands to the ground - like a Hockey Player, and screamed "Do you want to go?" 911 was called, and the State Police dispatchers took the initial call and report and transferwed to the Worcester dispatchers. This Planned Parenthood supporter is about 6'1", in his 30's or early 40's, with a dark complexion, either Hispanic or African American.

Mar 24, 2017

Pro-Life Mass this Saturday

Mar 20 Mon Supreme Court confirmation hearings begin for nominated justice Neil Gorsuch

Mar 25 Sat 10am Mass with Fr. Ken Cardinale, 9am Sidewalk prayer vigil

Nineveh 90 continues, 90 Days of Prayer and Fasting, that started Feb 13
Nineveh 90 – Day 27 meditation, Chastity: "Do not say that you have chaste minds if you have unchaste eyes, because an unchaste eye is the messenger of an unchaste heart." -St. Augustine

“All of us would more readily give ourselves to God if it were not for the fear of what it will cost us. Here we are not considering the cost that we know already, the Commandments and the duties of our state in life. We are likewise not considering certain things which we have under our control, such as mortifications and penances. In all these things God’s will is spelled out for us, and we can make our decisions with the cost roughly totaled. But what disturbs us is the unknown, the costs we can’t see because we can’t see the future, the costs that God may ask to be paid in the coin of suffering or the cross.
“Besides being something we are afraid of, suffering is also a puzzle to all mankind. At least as far back as the Book of Job, the problem has been discussed in great detail: What is there about God that he allows suffering in our lives, even sometimes fills our lives with it?”
(PART II: PREPARATION FOR LOVE, Chapter 12: “Suffering: Abandonment to God’s Purifying Will”, page 90)

Mar 31 8pm “1st" Friday Mass, celebrated by Fr. Chalres Omolo of St. George’s Worcester, followed by Eucharistic Adoration all night in the Problem Pregnancy Chapel, 495 Pleasant St. Worc until 8am 1st Saturday Mass with Fr. Michael Roy. Everyone is welcomed. All Adoration hours could use backup. Scheduled Adorers 9PM –Chris 10PM – Paul, Julie 11PM –Cindy 12 AM midnight – Fran W, 1AM – Carol/Diane 2AM open 3AM – Jay G 5AM – Fred M - Bob D 6:00 – Adrian 7AM – Kathy L. All hours could use a backup, including at 6AM.
Apr 1 Sat 8am 1st Saturday Mass and devotion Problem Pregnancy Chapel, Fr. Michael Roy of St. Roch’s in Oxford.
Apr 1 Sat - 17th Annual Worcester Diocesan Catholic Men's Conference. NEW LOCATION! ASSUMPTION COLLEGE 500 Salisbury Street, Worcester, MA, featuring Jeff Cavins, a presenter on the Bible and founder of the Great Adventure Bible Study series, will speak on "The King and His Men."

For the first time in 28 years, Wyoming has enacted new pro-life laws, that doctors who perform abortions must let a mother know that she may see an ultrasound if she wishes. The law prohibits the exploitation of and experimentation on tissue from aborted unborn infants.

Is ‘The Shack’ a Universalist movie?

Apr 8 Sat 10am Mass celebrated by Fr. Bob Grattori, St. Joe’s Charlton, Problem Pregnancy Chapel
Apr 8 Sat MCFL Annual Convention, Boston College's Devlin Hall. "Keep the Momentum Going" Register today Apr 9 Palm Sunday – closing of 40 Days for Life
Apr 9 Sun MassResistance Luncheon! Making it more convenient and less expensive to attend, $40. Changed from Apr 6 Thu evening. Still featuring the same blockbuster presentations by Dr. Paul Church and Brian Camenker.

Apr 26 Wed, 12th annual Visitation House Dinner at St. Georges Orthodox Cathedral, 30 Anna St. Melissa Ohden is our keynote speaker. Anyone interested in hosting a table contact Eve Lindquist.

Pray the Lorica [breastplate] of St. Patrick, to protect President Trump, because Witches, and those who practice ‘the craft’ have been asked to perform a monthly binding ritual until the president is removed from office. They plan to perform their dark tasks at midnight EST on every waning crescent moon, starting Feb. 24th. Defeat evil with good, pray for the protection of President Trump

God Bless America

Jay G.
Prayer Needs;
Bette with bladder tumor, Ann total knee replacement, Baby Dunn with Turners Syndrome, Jason with Parkinson-like symptoms, Eleni whose mom Teresa passed away, Stef for healing of her miscarriage, Shawn Paul who is recovering from liver transplant surgery, William Peter Blatty, Baby Joy (19 months) nearly drown in pool, Jim who just passed away, Dave with liver cancer and his family, Lisa at Visitation House, Angie and her family (Martin in prison, her daughters, grandkids and Mosie her granddaughter), Michele M with MS, Bill and Karen’s granddaughter Gabriella, Baton Rouge LA & Dallas TX Police officers and their families, Philando Castile… RIP; Tommy Shortsleeves, Phil Badgo, Rhia Pearson, Yolanda's Mother, Bob Harris, Jack my roommate at UNH, Kathleen Harrity, Jonathan Ard, Dave Doyle, Ruth Shea age 97, Norma Macorvey, Eleni's mon back in Brazil