Apr 12, 2006

TGLetter20021002 Dr. R. Lanza ACT

October 2, 2002


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Dr. Robert P. Lanza of Advanced Cell Technology does not believe the Church is versed in the facts of human embryology, but his statements in Dianne Williamson’s column (Telegram & Gazette, May 18) indicate he believes that creating your own twin is OK as long as it is done in a petri dish and not in a womb. This ethical relativism based on the location of creation indicates that Lanza needs to answer the question of when life begins, and not dance around the issue with unscientific and contradictory assertions as to when life does not begin. Lanza also needs to clearly answer why Glenn McGee and Arthur Caplan resigned from his ethics advisory board last year.

Dianne is correct that the Catholic Church is consumed by a crisis of credibility – and by skewed priorities; just not the ones she imagines. It should be a priority to teach on the value and sanctity of all life, all year long, not only at the annual Pro-Life Mass. Since the Church is the pillar and foundation of truth, it must pronounce on matters of faith and morals, even though some priests and bishops have squandered that authority through their actions and inactions. Confidence in the Church, and in the credibility of the successors of the Apostles might be restored with a visual and public act of penance.



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