Apr 12, 2006

James Gratton's distortion

October 28, 2002


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James S. Gratton continues his epic of distortion and slander in his letter, “Domestic terrorists are fanatical bigots” (Telegram, October 26). The real discredited falsehood is that abortion is safer than childbirth. The Truth: 27 out of 35 studies in the USA showed increased risk of breast cancer after abortion, Dr. Janet Daling, who is Pro-Choice, showed average increased risk of breast cancer as a result of induced abortions at 50%, increased risk of breast cancer for induced abortions of first pregnancy for under 18 year old girls at 800%, and if those same girls had a history of breast cancer in their families, the increased risk was infinite, meaning every girl in this category in her study got breast cancer! The Stakes study in Finland, backed up by the California Medicaid study, (1989-1998), both found significantly higher death rates associated with abortion than with childbirth.

Gratton also misconstrues the findings of former Surgeon General Dr. C. Everett Koop, who actually concluded that all the studies done up to that point (1987) were so methodologically flawed that no firm conclusions could be drawn about abortion's risks or benefits.

Considering that almost without exception, 800 Planned Parenthood clinics were caught on tape for failure to report statutory rape of a 13 year old girl by a 22 year old male, indeed advising that girl not to report her age when she came in for an abortion - one really has to wonder who are the fanatical bigots. Planned Parenthood and Gratton stand alone against the overwhelming scientific evidence. Shame on them, and shame on any of us who still believe this crap.


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