Apr 12, 2006

TGLetter20020802 David Broder against unborn rights

August 2, 2002


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Columnist David Broder’s conclusion that Pro-Life interests are costing lives (Sunday Telegram July 28, 2002) is based on the invalid premise that abortion is morally permissible and therefore a right. Broder then backs up his ‘facts’ with the statement, “even if those estimates cannot be proved”.

The Pro-Abortion arguments against any rights for pre-born children, called fetuses to deny their humanity, simply do not add up. The baby (fetus) is alive, is human and is an individual with its own genetic code. If left unmolested, this child will thrive and grow into someone whose face we can stare into. Abortion minded mothers would do well to stare into their child’s face with an ultrasound.

Justice Harry Blackmun’s refusal to address the moral status of the tiny humans whose elimination he ensured 30 years ago has conceived the current state where any and all unborn, almost born, and even just born infants are fair game for death simply because they are an inconvenience. That’s just not right, and none of the flimsy pro-abortion arguments will ever change that.



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