Apr 25, 2006

Schiavo's List

May 19, 2005
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Some 'facts' in Terri Schiavo’s death by court ordered de-hydration bear noting. It was 8 years after Terri’s brain damage, flush with money from Terri’s malpractice award, that the man who never bothered to divorce his injured wife hires the best assisted suicide lawyer in the country, George Felos.

It was at this first trial that the facts of the case were determined. Lawyer Felos gets Michael Schiavo and his siblings to testify that Terri would not have wanted to be kept alive on a respirator.
The Schindler’s, with no idea what they are up against, have difficulty even finding a lawyer since there is no money in their case. The Schindler’s sympathetic but inexperienced lawyer does not even depose Michael Schiavo’s siblings before the trial. Felos steamrolls this lawyer.

The Schindler’s were out-lawyered by Felos at the original trial where the so-called 'fact' that Terri wanted to die was set in stone. President’s Bush’s signing of the Congressional bill asking for a new trial was the only attempt to re-examine the facts of the original trial, but the 11th Circuit Court refused. A wife should not be killed because her husband in name only has a high priced lawyer. The original facts in the Terri Schiavo case should have been reviewed; we do as much, and more, for convicted murderers.

Jay G

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