Apr 25, 2006

Implant This!

July 20, 2005

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Since Plan B is the morning after contraception pill that proponents claim prevents implantation, the T&G, (“Go to Plan B” In Our Opinion, July 17, 2005), should have done us the service of answering the question; “Implantation of what?” The answer; the fertilized egg or zygote, would have proved an enigma to this editorial. This single cell, the combination of the father’s sperm and the mother’s egg, has its own unique genetic code. Nine months later that particular and unique baby is billions of cells all descended from that single cell.

“When did you become you?” might be considered an enigma or a philosophical question, but those scientists who look at the facts and conclude that you became you at fertilization have a strong case in the genetic argument. Those scientists, (and senators on Beacon Hill), who disagree with this scientific conclusion only disagree; they never posit their own conclusion as to when you became you, when your life began. If they did they would have to defend that position and it’s relation to abortion.

There are people in Massachusetts, including pharmacists and hospital workers, who are morally and religiously opposed to abortion, as well as those morally and religiously opposed to contraception, and those opposed to both. Plan B clearly is contraception. Some Lawmakers want to debate whether it is abortion. Yet the T&G editorializes there should be no conscientious objector status to this law? Isn’t that State mandated morality?

Jay G

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