Apr 25, 2006

2 out of 3 Stems Cells agree

March 7, 2005
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I “2/3rd’s” agree with Representatives James Leary and Vincent Pedone (commentary: Massachusetts should pursue stem-cell research, Jan.20, 2005); Yes for adult and umbilical stem-cell research, which already cures people, but No to unethical embryonic stem-cell research.

According to these State Reps, and
Marjorie Clay, an alleged medical ethicist at UMass, There’s no place like womb’ because it’s not until the product of conception (aka embryo), is implanted into a womb that it becomes a human. Clay adds that the ‘host’ of the womb (aka woman) must be willing, apparently because willingness is an objective scientific term in human embryology, as well as in ethics.

Mr. Pedone and Leary promise that this research will only use the thousands of left over embryos from in-vitro fertilization clinics (aka frozen siblings). But that will not be enough for Dr. Robert Lanza of Advanced Cell Technology, who in the May 24 Scientific American said that millions of embryos will be needed to cultivate the stem cells lines needed to bypass the tissue rejection problem. Did anyone mention the tissue rejection problem? Perhaps that’s why venture capital money is going to adult and not embryonic stem cell research.

It’s biologically true that each of us exists in a direct continuity with our humble embryonic origins. Before our State rushes to give millions in corporate welfare for Dr. Lanza’s million embryo march, we need to ask ourselves the hard ethical questions; must science kill in order to cure?

Jay G

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