Apr 25, 2006

The Democrat's Lament

January 4, 2005
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By now the Democrats should have reflected on how much their uncompromising abortion stance cost them this past election. 16% of Americans, myself included, consider abortion always wrong because it denies the unborn person their civil rights. While Democrats could ignore we 16%, they cannot entertain national political aspirations and continue to ignore the vast majority of Americans who believe that abortion is morally wrong, and that there should be some legal limits placed upon it.

Since the Democratic platform is absolutely, in their words, “Pro-Choice”, I’d suggest they offer a compromise in support of choice, call it, “Informed-Choice.” Before a woman “chooses” her abortion, she should be informed, first by viewing an ultrasound of her baby/fetus, and second by hearing a 3-5 minute presentation from Pro-Life supporters offering to adopt her baby after he or she is born. “Informed-Choice” would allow women to make a truly informed choice, a choice with real options, a choice Democrats should be comfortable with. “Informed Choice” would also put us Pro-Lifers in the position of putting up or shutting up in regards to adoption.

I believe that our God-given, inalienable right to life began at conception, but I would still have to apply my prudential judgment in the voting booth when given the choice of an “Informed-Choice” Democrat, and a compromise where the mother endows, or doesn’t, the child’s right to life.

Jay G

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