Apr 25, 2006

adelphopoiesis or the "creation of a brother"

July 13, 2004
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William Lemeshevsky’s patently false claim that the Catholic and Orthodox Churches married homosexuals in the Middle Ages (T&G 7/1/04); underscores the dictum, alleged to have come from Hitler's minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, that if a lie is big enough and is repeated enough times it would become widely accepted as truth.

Lemeshevsky refers to discredited academic John Boswell, whose misleading and vague research into ‘adelphopoiesis’ or, in simple English, the "creation of a brother" has been co-opted into the big lie of medieval homosexual marriage. Closer examination of this research shows adelphopoiesis was in no way a sexual union, because the word ‘agape’ or Christian love (charity) is used, not the word ‘eros’ which is the love of a husband and wife that typically results in children. The ritual states that the brothers, “joined together not by the bond of nature but by faith and in the mode of the spirit, granting unto them peace [eirene] and love [agape] and oneness of mind. Cleanse from their hearts every stain and impurity and vouchsafe unto them to love one other [to agapan allelous] without hatred and without scandal all the days of their lives, with the aid of the Mother of God and all thy saints, forasmuch as all glory is thine.”

Lemeshevsky’s gullibility has been exploited by those who would rather confuse the debate on homosexual marriage with lies than argue the case on its merits, or lack thereof.

Jay G

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Anonymous said...

They were also buried in the same tomb. I usually don't get buried in the same tomb unless I feel really, really, close to someone. More than ideological brothers.

Boswell was a respected chair of History at Yale.