Sep 30, 2011

CFP Letter to the Editor

Sept 30, 2011
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I feel kind of bad for the women of the Worcester Diocese. The men have been having dynamic, powerful and orthodox speakers for over a decade at our conference. The women not so much.

What exactly is a “strong commitment to earth issues” and why is that a criteria for a speaker at a Catholic conference. I suppose a strong commitment is better than an average or even a weak commitment, but still? Then again maybe I'm just not sure what “saving and healing planet Earth” has to do with saving, and healing, souls.

Better luck to my Catholic sisters next year.


Jay G

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Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Thanks for posting this Jay. Donna Steichen, in her book Ungodly Rage, tells of how a Religious Sister, Sheila Carney, calls upon religious women to "reappropriate" the Virgin Mary "not for purposes of traditional devotion" but as the model of "an entirely new order" in which "virgin" means "one whose personal power center wells up, who is autonomous, 'one-in-herself,' who is free from male domination or control," that is, as Mrs. Steichen says, "as a paradigm of feminist liberation, a kind of icon for the National Organization of Women" (p. 291).

So many women religious have bought into such feminism. Many have succumbed to occult and New Age practices.

What a shame that the Commission for Women [several women have left comments at my Blog saying that the Commission doesn't really speak for Catholic women but only angry, bitter feminists who seek women's ordination] doesn't invite speakers such as Johnette Benkovic, Rhonda Chervin, Donna Steichen, Molly Kelly etc.

This would seem to suggest much.