May 11, 2006

Other-cott Opie & Tom

Here is a list of 10 things you can do on or before May 19th:

  1. Go see another movie, such as Over The Hedge, on May 19th and send a message to Hollywood that you will not tolerate your faith getting maligned in such an overt manner. Hollywood “rates”
    movies through opening weekend box office sales, so sales for any movie BUT this one will
    affect its ratings.

  2. If you can’t get out to the movies that night, buy a ticket online at for Over The Hedge. From all we have heard, it’s a good family movie—rated PG.

  3. Rent or watch a DVD about the life of Jesus or one that supports faith, such as Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, or others like King of Kings, Ben Hur, or The Ten Commandments. Consult with MovieGuide (

  4. Run a Discussion Group on May 19th or in the weeks before or after. Although dialoging with Sony to encourage them to change the movie or add a disclaimer was fruitless, being prepared to discuss the movie with those who do go see it is essential. Run a discussion group, using the free resources at

  5. Post a pithy message on your church's road sign. See below for some suggestions.

  6. Download the free audio talk found at Human Life International's site ( called, "Read Between the Lines," by Fr. Tom Euteneuer.

  7. Download the free Power Point notes at and give a presentation at your church.

  8. Encourage people to visit other good websites that promote the proper understanding of Jesus Christ, the authority of the Bible, and more, such as or

  9. Purchase copies of the low-cost booklet, The Da Vinci Deception, and give them away. This highly-acclaimed booklet features 100 Questions about the facts and fiction of The Da Vinci Code. Click here to order, or call 800-376-0520.

  10. Get together with some other Christians during the May 19th weekend and pray a prayer of reparation and praise.

    P.S. Please also ask your parish priest or pastor to charitably preach against the movie over the next few weeks. Da Vinci Outreach has provided free Homily Helps at (in the Free Resources section).

    Outdoor Church Sign Options for All Christian Churches
  • Da Vinci Code – A Code Without a Clue
  • Don’t be Deceived by Da Vinci
  • Don’t Reward Sony for it’s Da Vinci Bigotry
  • The Da Vinci Code: Bigotry Goes Mainstream
  • Da Vinci Code– Code Book for Slander
  • Da Vinci – Anti-Christian Hits the Big Screen
  • The Da Vinci Code is an attack on Jesus and the Church
  • The Truth of Jesus is at Church, Not the Movies

    Outdoor Church Sign Options for Catholic Churches

  • The Truth of Jesus Christ is at Mass, not the Movies
  • Seek the REAL Truth in the Real Presence
  • The Da Vinci Code is an attack on Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church
  • The Da Vinci Code: Anti-Catholicism on the Big Screen

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