May 9, 2006

DaVinci Bull Ignorance

May 9, 2006
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The opening of the DaVinci Code movie this coming weekend should truly, as the movie trailers ads suggest, prompt people to “seek the truth.” The problem is, there is very little truth in this book, or the movie. Author Dan Brown claims that the early Christians lied about Jesus; that He was a fake, and Catholics continue the cover-up!

Catholics should recognize this all out assault on the Church, and on Christianity. And we should be prepared to answer and correct the blatant falsehoods presented by Opie and Tom. Like the fact that the Priory of Sion was not founded in 1099AD, but in 1956AD by a French Anti-Semite (CBS news). Or the fact that the Gnostic Gospels were written 100-200 years after Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Ask them why, if Mary Magdalene was at the Last Supper, then where’s the missing young apostle John?

Want proof beyond the Gospels? Read Jewish historian Josephus, writing about 75AD in his work, ‘Antiquities’ (18.63) that Jesus was the Messiah, that Pilot crucified him, and that “On the third day he appeared to them restored to life. Need more proof? Parts of Mark’s Gospel were found among the Dead Sea Scrolls – a veritable time capsule from 67AD.

Anglican Bishop N.T. Wright, in his scholarly and massively detailed historical work entitled, “The Resurrection of the Son of God”, concludes that the only reasonable explanation for the rapid growth of Christianity in the first two centuries, and why early Christians worshipped as they did, and died as martyrs, is that the Resurrection actually took place. People saw Jesus, believed, and evangelized. We should too.

Jay G


alban B. said...

see it If you must, but a far greater wiTness would be to avoid It completely because it mockS the Catholic Church and the whole messAge and ministry of Jesus. rightfully, opuS dei, porTrayed as a mUrderous organization that is keeping the “truth” away from People rightfully, Is asking that a basic DisclaiMer be added to the mOvie announcing clearly that this moVie Is a work of non-historical inventEd fiction.

In the above paragraph is a hidden code for you to decipher.

jayg said...

and it is