Apr 25, 2006

What Seperation?

December 29, 2005
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On December 14, 2005, with the passage of Chap. 91 of the Acts of 2005, the Massachusetts State government has legally conscripted Catholic hospitals and pharmacists as State agents to dispense the Plan B emergency contraception and abortion pill. Such is the state of religious freedom and the separation of Church and State in Massachusetts.

Catholics are now faced with this choice; obey the beliefs of our Church, or obey the law of Massachusetts. Catholics must betray their Religion by State order or be prosecuted. Wouldn’t it have been fairer to order our State Senators and Judges who supported this action to dispense these emergency contraception and abortion pills from their own homes? Perhaps our esteemed Plan B State Senators could ‘promptly offer’ fruit flavored pills for the underage girls, ‘upon request’ - of the girl, not her parents, who’s input is not required.

What’s next? Can we expect the State to mandate that Catholic priests must now perform same-sex marriages because Massachusetts has declared this a civil right?

Making it legal does not make it right.
Jay G

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