Apr 25, 2006

Sad truth about Matthew Shepard

March 24, 2006
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The article ‘Fighting Hate’ by Taryn Plumb (T&G 03/23/2006), about the ‘No Place for Hate’ campaign at Holy Cross, could have had unintended consequences. True hate, such as racism, is an infection that grows in the filth of lies and misinformation, which is why it is disconcerting that Plumb misrepresented Matthew Shepard as being killed in a gay hate crime in 1998. All major news outlets, including ABC, now report that Shepard was actually killed by Crystal Meth addicts who only wanted money and could not have cared less about his sexual orientation. The ABC report is over a year and a half old, Plumb should have been aware of it.

While the reported dorm incident involving the slur on sexual orientation is a regrettable one, we must be extremely careful to accurately identify true hate, and not confuse it with what might have been the foolish, drunken, or inconsiderate behavior of college students. Hopefully if the case is inconsiderate college behavior, the ‘No Place for Hate’ campaign will serve as a manners lesson to these uncouth youth. If the case is serious, especially if it involved physical violence, then I trust Fr. McFarland will handle the situation appropriately.

You cannot fight hate with misinformation; but misinformation could provide a breeding ground where a stupid college prank metastases into real hate.

Jay G.

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