Apr 20, 2006

The Passion, and Resurrection

August 5, 2003
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I recently saw a trailer for the new Mel Gibson movie on the death of Jesus Christ, “The Passion”, and I believe this movie will have a profound effect on all. I am fearful that some, notably the New York Times, and some academics at Boston College, want to censure this movie before they or the public have even seen it. These academics are holding Gibson to a double standard, because they themselves are first to claim academic and first amendment freedoms when bringing any controversial topic to the public.

The Jewish historian Josephus and the Roman historian Tacitus both confirm that Jesus was ordered crucified by the Roman Pontius Pilate, while the Gospels confirm that Jesus had Jewish followers who ultimately died following his teachings, and Jewish detractors who called for his Crucifixion. This is history not anti-Semitism.

Ultimately this movie should bring all Christians, especially Catholics, to a deeper and moving understanding of the words of our Nicean Creed, which we’ve been praying since at least 325 AD; “He suffered under Pontius Pilot, was crucified, died and was buried.” As one meditates on these sorrowful mysteries of Jesus, don’t forget that “on the third day, He rose again.”

Jay G

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