Apr 20, 2006

ALan Keyes on Terrorists and War

April 14, 2003
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Since the T&G cut it, here’s the full Alan Keyes quote from the April 5 Catholic Men’s Conference at the Centrum, “War is a curse and an obscenity – even when you’ve got to do it.” According to Dr. Keyes, what separates us from the 9/11 terrorists is that we don’t “disregard the fundamental premise that even in war we do not have the right to consciously target civilian non-combatants.”

But consider targeting innocent civilians in the womb. Stephen Evans has conducted research that shows how babies who hear particular pieces of music while in their mother's womb will remember that music after birth. Evans had mothers play unique musical selections for their baby in utero for 16 minutes a day over seven days, during the 20th week of pregnancy. Then he took the music back so it would not be heard by the child until after birth. After birth, he played the music for the child and likewise for a control group of children who had never heard the music. The results surpassed his highest expectations. While babies normally calm down upon hearing music, the babies who had heard the music at 20 weeks were dramatically calmer than the babies hearing it for the first time.

Dr. Keyes’ summary of the war on Saddam and the war on the unborn; “The evil that we rightly fight is but a shadow of the evil that we wrongly do.”

Jay G

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