Jun 10, 2009

Letter to Cardinal Sean


As it would be impossible to provide health Services to MassHealth without providing referrals to abortion, sterilization and artificial contraception, as that would put Charitas Christi in default of performance, and seeing that both Mr. Ralph de la Torre and Mr. Brian Delaney of Celticare have both publicly admitted these referrals will take place (through the HMO), the only Christian option is to end the contract. Charitas Christi cannot take blood money, not even to provide health care.
Sincerely in Christ,


JayG said...

Catholic diocese -- set to partner with abortion services?
[One News Now]

American Life League (ALL) is sounding an alarm over a potential abortion scandal involving the Archdiocese of Boston.

Celticare is a joint venture partnering the archdiocesan Caritas Christi Health Care network with another corporation, which will join Massachusetts' subsidized health program July 1 -- a program that mandates abortion. ALL spokesperson Katie Walker says the archdiocese is using an odd approach.

"They've hired a third-party company that will do the abortion referrals for them, as if that would somehow diminish their responsibility for it," she argues. [see Editor's note below]

Walker believes it is a good time for the Catholic Church to stand up to the state on the issue, especially in light of the likelihood that President Obama's health plan, if approved, will require abortion.

"I think the Catholic faith has a long history of flourishing when persecuted," she observes, "so I look forward to seeing these bishops and the other 200-plus dioceses around the country standing up to whatever comes down the pike and saying 'the buck stops here -- we are going to stand up for our principles no matter what.'"

JayG said...

Massachusetts Citizens for Life, MCFL today called upon Cardinal Sean O'Malley to withdraw Caritas Christi from the CeltiCare partnership.

Mass. Citizens again expressed the gratitude of the organization to the Cardinal for his assurance that he would pull out of the CeltiCare arrangement if the agreement did not meet with the approval of the National Catholic Bioethics Center.

Anne Fox, President of Mass. Citizens, stated, "It is now a week before the plan will go into effect. There has been no approval from the NCBC. There are people who have signed up with CeltiCare who will have to be reassigned to ensure continuity of their medical coverage.

"In light of these facts, we the members of Massachusetts Citizens for Life, urge the Cardinal to pull out of the agreement now, while people's care can still be assured."

She reiterated the appreciation of Mass. Citizens for the careful stewardship of the Cardinal in this matter.

JayG said...

Good news. Cardinal O'Malley has pulled Caritas out of CeltiCare (Caritas was 49% owner of CeltiCare insurance).
Please see "Boston" area of MCFL webpage for more info.