Jun 20, 2009

Pro-Life Prayer Vigil Sat. June 20, 09

Was at the new Planned Parenthood construction site on Pleasant St. I got there late as Jim was leaving, Phyllis and I prayed a rosary. The feeling of spiritual warfare was in the air, as I walked Jim to his car Phyllis stood alone in front of the paint store next to the construction site. She held no sign, just a small rosary. From the side street I heard a man's voice from a passing car: "I love abortion." I said to Jim, since Phyllis had no sign and was actually in front of the paint store, I wonder how the guy knew.

Phyllis and I moved in front of the construction site and began to pray, I held a sign with the face of a baby, which read "Face it, abortion kills." A couple of young men stopped in front of us as they were taking a left turn onto a side street. The passenger had his window open. He matter of factly said, with a smile on his face, "F*** abortion." He laughed as they took their turn.

I did not take this as an insult, just figured he was joking around and probably spoke in this manner all the time.

3 minutes later they came back, pulled up next to us in the paint store parking lot, and asked us some questions. They actually were concerned, as Christian, the passenger lived near by and had a 2 year old son so he believed abortion was wrong. So did Vo, the driver. I told them about witnessing a coerced situation on Lincoln St. It will be nice to have some friendly faces in the neighborhood when Planned Parenthood opens for abortions later this year.

Another driver, with a kid in his passenger seat, rolled down his window to declare "God wants us to choice." I thought about it and remarked to Phyllis that the guy was right, God wants us to choose what is right and good.

An elderly Hispanic Lady walking with the aid of a walker passed by on the other side of Pleasant St. A few minutes later she came back on our side, looked again at my sign, and without a word, handed me a handful of nickels, dimes and a quarter. I will present this widow's mite offering of $1.05 to Rod Murphy of Problem Pregnancy at the Pro-Life Garden party next week.

After this I drove to St. V's hospital and said goodbye to my father-in-law.

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