Oct 19, 2007

Sue Widemark responds to O'Brien

Subj: Pro-Life Response To Planned Parenthood At Holy Cross
Date: 10/19/2007 2:05:52 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: gswidemark@cox.net
Reply-to: catholic-and-prolife@yahoogroups.com
To: dobrien@holycross.edu


I am mystified and disappointed (to put it mildly) by your comments below. "Reduce abortions"? How... by birth control? That's a fallacy and even Planned Parenthood admits that 50-60 percent of their abortion business comes from failed birth control... that's not even a good solution for NON Catholics.

But you are supposed to be Catholic and you are DEFENDING Holy Cross allowing a conference pushing abortion and birth control and attacking those Catholics who are (rightly) astonished and disgusted at this lack of Catholicism apparently at Holy Cross?

Let's cut to the chase and get to some facts here:

1. ABORTION IS MURDER - we don't want to "reduce abortions" - we want to get RID OF ABORTION and those Catholics who play ring around the rosey with abortion providers whom YOU are saying it is no problem to allow on your so called Catholic campus, are just plain garden variety cowards, too cowardly to really stand up for what Jesus taught but Jesus said "unless you take up your Cross and Follow me, YOU ARE NOT WORTHY OF ME!".

If half the people who called themselves Catholic would stand up and say "NO MORE ABORTIONS" that would be the end of abortion, like right now. Our church has a NO TOLERANCE attitude toward abortion. Every pregnancy, we teach, is a direct act of God - every abortion is a ghastly affront to that Direct Act of God.

2. Your BISHOP TOLD the president of the college to not allow the conference, suggesting that you could lose your accreditation as a Catholic school and his admonishments were ignored .... and you are DEFENDING THIS? What message does his refusal to follow his Bishop's requests give to the students at your school about obedience and respect for the Catholic church and the Holy Father of whom the Bishop is YOUR representative?

3. To remind you of something you might have long forgotten, ADMONISHING THE SINNER is a spiritual act of mercy. That is only ONE thing our "unproductive action" did with you....

4. Was Jesus knocking over the money changers in the temple an "unproductive action"? He did not mince words and that was only money He was talking about, NOT WHOLESALE MURDER OF HUMAN BEINGS.

5. the birth control mentality LEADS to abortion and several types of birth control are abortafacients anyway (besides being horribly medically risky for the women who take these medications). Have you forgotten that the Catholic church teaches ABSTINENCE outside of marriage and that married couples are offered the safest and most effective means of family planning i.e. billings ovulation or NFP? Actually many state agencies teach ABSTINENCE as the ideal way to cut teen pregnancies and do you REALLY think, considering that the speakers at that conference SELL abortion and birth control, that abstinence will even be mentioned? (if you think THIS, I know
where there is a bridge I can sell you....)

6. Even the secular medical community is saying that "abortion is a STRONG predictor of breast cancer" - do you really NOT CARE about the teens you are professing to "help" - Holy Cross is not only NOT protecting them SPIRITUALLY, they are NOT EVEN PROTECTING THEM PHYSICALLY.

Tell me, why should students spend big bucks to attend YOUR school only to get exposed to Planned Parenthood when they can save bucks and go to the state schools where they will be on alert to the Planned Parenthood action there?

In my opinion, your attempt to philosophize this whole affair is merely a straw man to cover the sinfulness of NOT canceling this conference teaching evil concepts.... and all for $10,000 .... that's more than 30 pieces of silver, but not much more is it? So how are YOU and the school better than Judas when you have, just as much, DENIED the Very Jesus you profess to teach?

In Him,
Sue Widemark
Pro Life, Catholic and proud of it.

PS: is it true the Holy Cross College invited Francis Kissling to talk there - she's not only RABIDLY pro abortion but also EXTREMELY anti Catholic... I hope this is not true or doesn't seem much hope for Holy Cross.... :(


Anonymous said...

Sue, a great response to O'Brien's public comments......

Don't you think it would be proper for the Bishop to finally tell O'Brien as well, that he is no longer Catholic???? After all, he has been defending and promoting the mind-set that opposes the Catholic teaching concerning artificial birth control for years at Holy Cross College. This is all documented in the book Spiritual Malpractice. Also in this book it is documented that Holy Cross College hs also for years done likewise.

Blanchard said...


I believe I misunderstood, kindly correct me----

Was O'Brien's response public or a response by letter to an individual?

SueW said...

*** Was O'Brien's response public or a response by letter to an individual?***