Oct 21, 2007

Alumni write Fr. McFarland

Dear Fr. Michael J. McFarland SJ,

I am in receipt of your recent e-mail regarding the upcoming conference.

"Holy Cross fully affirms and promotes Catholic teaching on abortion and the sanctity of all human life. Our contract and dealings are do not involve Planned Parenthood or NARAL.."

Actions speak louder than words. You are giving a platform to the world's largest abortion provider, no matter how you try and spin it.

"As president of a Catholic college in the Diocese of Worcester, I wholly respect the duty of Bishop McManus to uphold the teachings of the Church?most especially the sanctity of life and opposition to abortion. However, it is the College's position that providing rented meeting space to a conference of professionals from a variety of Massachusetts organizations discussing the safety and care of at-risk teenagers does not represent a disregard of Catholic teaching."

Please stop lying ....it is sadly transparent. You are not respecting the Church's teaching. You are hosting orgazinations (Planned Parenthood, et. al) directly and flagrantly in opposition to Church teaching. Neither are you respecting the authority of the Bishop. I pray for a sliver of humility to be opened in you for the Holy Spirit to fly into, and for the courage to be granted you that will be required to make the wrenching decision to cancel the conference. This is your crucible. It could be your finest hour, or it could be your downfall. If you were struck down this evening would you be able to look Jesus in the eye and tell him you did everything you could to protect the least of his His?

"This is a meeting of adult professionals who work for the health and well-being of Massachusetts teenagers and children"

It is an outright LIE to say that organizations such as Planned Parenthood work for the health and well-being of teenagers and children (let alone unborn children!). Perhaps you haven't heard documented cases of them protecting child predators? I suggest you have a listen to these recorded conversations and take your blinders off:

I am praying fervently for you and don't envy the position you find yourself in. But I have great faith that you will find the courage to do the right thing and cancel this conference.

Margot Hird
Woodland Hills, CA

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Blanchard R said...


Thank you for your direct and truth filled response. God Bless you.

I wish not to be negative but the fact is Fr. McFarland will not have the courage to rescind his stance,because it takes understanding of the truth to do so. And the Lord did say very clearly that one can only know the truth if one accepts His teaching. His teaching is clear in Holy Scripture and in the Church's teaching. And the Church is really the Lord living with us in the present time of history.

Fr McFarland and also professor O'Brien deny the teachings of the Church, therefore have lost discipleship and are no longer able to see the Truth. All of this by their own public testimony. Hence they live only with their understanding of their truth.

May the Lord have mercy on them.