Oct 19, 2007

Holy Cross' O'Brien defends decision

As expected, Holy Cross Professor David O'Brien defends Fr. McFarland's decision to accept $10k from Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy to bring in Planned Parenthood for a Conference. Rebuttal to follow.

From: "David O'Brien"
Sent: Friday, October 19, 2007 7:21 AM
Subject: Re: Pro-Life Response To Planned Parenthood At Holy Cross

I deeply regret that I will be returning from giving a talk at Xavier University in Ohio on Tuesday night or I would be in the audience to offer a defense of the College and its leaders. Too often our pro-life movement focuses on symbolic actions rather than substantive strategies to reduce abortions and change the climate that allows so many assaults on life. Indeed actions like that taken against Holy Cross are counter-productive and need to be challenged, respectfully and in a spirit of solidarity and shared responsibility. I attach to comments I have written in defense of the College. Thank you for your concern and your commitment to faithful

David O'Brien

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Blanchard R. said...

This is the first revelation that there was that sum of money involved. Does this mean that McFarland's master is money and not Jesus?