Oct 19, 2007

What Holy Cross could have done

Oct.23,Tues.7PM "Preventing Teen Pregnancy: the Catholic Approach – What Holy Cross could have done to address this critical problem". Featuring Dawn Eden at the Cenacle room, St. Paul's Cathedral, 38 High St., Worcester. Dawn is director of the Love and Responsibility Program at The Cardinal Newman Society and the author of "The Thrill of the Chaste." In her talk she will detail how Church teachings on chastity offer a solution to not only the problem of teen pregnancy but also the wider problems of family breakdown, while abortion and contraception exacerbate those problems.

This talk is hugely important for two reasons;

1. So many of our kids, and our 20 and 30 years olds, have been lied to, and misunderstand that contraception prevent families, it prevents monogamy, it prevents stability, and prevents happiness.

2. We have a Bishop who showed some spine, who clearly addressed a problem up on Holy Cross Hill, and told them to dissociate themselves from this Planned Parenthood conference if they want to remain a Catholic Institution. Fr. McFarland has refused. Please do not take any delight in this potential schism, even though you, like me, have been constantly angered by the wayward ways of Holy Cross. Prayer is extremely important now, but a large public showing at this talk by Dawn Eden will help put Holy Cross on notice.

Please tell as many people as possible to attend so that we might have a great showing of opposition to Holy Cross' embrace of Planned Parenthood.

If anyone can contact College students, invite them, and even offer them rides, Dawn has promised to work with us to provide transportation. Please spread the word to anyone you know at Assumption, Quinsig, Worcester State, etc...

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