Mar 26, 2017

F#@&!~* Pro-Lifers

On the morning of Thursday March 16th the Pro-Life prayer protesters on Pleasant Street were verbally assaulted by a Planned Parenthood supporter whose speech patterns were salted with a liberal use of the F-word (would progressive use of the F-word work here?). Not to deligitimize the fear felt by many on our side, who were on Pleasant St. in Worcester for the 40 Days for Life campaign, but one experienced sidewalk counselor believed the assailant's speech, as angry and loud as it was, had a rehearsed quality to it, a kind of attention to talking points detail, which included;
- that F#@&!~* Pro-Lifers did not know what they were doing, or advocating
- that F#@&!~* Pro-Lifers only care about the birth, and forget the baby afterwards
- that F#@&!~* Pro-Lifers are religious fanatics who want to shame women
- that F#@&!~* Pro-Lifers were never there for this man in his past, who could have benefited from help because he was adopted and for the first 7 years of his life was abused by his adoptive parents.

The gist of this man's F#@&!~* speech was that he may have been better off being aborted.

In between the F#@&!~* verbal tirade of talking points, the experienced sidewalk counselor (and baby-saver) asked some questions. she did not use the F-word;
- can I ask you a question?
You shouldn't F#@&!~* be here
- do you work?
Yes I do...F#@&!~*, F#@&!~*, F#@&!~*
- what type of work do you do?
I work with substance abusers, what's that have to F#@&!~* do with anything
- have you ever made a difference in anyone's life?

[noticeable pause]

liberal F#@& word user regains composure, makes comment about experienced sidewalk counselor and baby-saver not trying to smooth talk him, then leaves.

On Saturday March 25th, appropriately enough the Incarnation, the same Planned Parenthood supporter with the progressively salted speech patterns appeared again on Pleasant St. This time he threatened Fr. Ken, waving his arms down so that his gloves flew off of his hands to the ground - like a Hockey Player, and screamed "Do you want to go?" 911 was called, and the State Police dispatchers took the initial call and report and transferwed to the Worcester dispatchers. Update: This muscular Planned Parenthood supporter is actually 5'9" at most and a stout 250 lbs, butch haircut, in his 30's or early 40's, African American mixed race.

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