Jan 27, 2017

abortion rights opponents

Hat Tip to uCatholic for this picture of the 2017 March for Life

I noticed today there was a quick report on NPR on the March for Life in Washington DC, to report on Vice President Mike Pense's address to the mass of Pro-life marchers. NPR referred to us as abortion rights opponents.

My first reaction was this was an upgrade from anti-choice, and my second reaction is I kind of like it.

A progressive's choice of words is not typically un-thought about, not spontaneous, but coordinated so as to be on message, to be consistent with the narrative, an echo of the talking points.

I'd argue the shift to 'abortion rights opponents' indicates a clear acceptance that this is now about abortion as opposed to choice. A Choice can change when you change your mind, especially if you think the choice should be rarely made.

The Progressives are all in, they no longer feel the need to dress up their belief, to make it more palatable to the people with words like choice, or phrases like safe, legal and rare. They see this imposition of the will, abortion, as a right, and no longer feel the need to hide or obfuscate this. In 2008, the beginning of the Obama era, The Democrats removed the "safe, legal and rare" reference to abortion from their party platform. In 2004 and earlier Progressive Democrats thought abortion was a kind of necessary evil, something that should be safe, legal and rare.

If abortion is considered a right, then Progressives ask what's the problem with limiting the expression of that right to the point where it is 'rare'? Add in the progressive concept of positive rights, and the government needs to pay for this right, which is why Hillary Clinton felt it necessary to clearly state during the 3rd Presidential debate her unambiguous support for abortion even during the 9th month of pregnancy. Even the progressive Hillary supporting CNN had to concede that when Donald Trump claimed Clinton would allow a baby to be aborted in the 9th month, up to the final day before delivery, as True but misleading. What does that mean? It's either true or not.

Thus Obama-care was crafted to bypass the Hyde Amendment and allow for government funded abortions.
Next step, the Progressive will clearly proclaim, as the signs held by the tiny Anti-Life contingent present at the last dozen or so Pro-Life Marches, "Abortion On-Demand, without Apology"
Thank God our country now has a President who will oppose this Progressive March towards perdition. The Progressives move towards openly discussing abortion as a right actually helps promote the debate, and when the majority in our country begin to hear more of these clearly stated beliefs, they will not accept them, and the Progressive overreach will help change the Law of the Land, again.

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