Nov 10, 2016

Prayer request for Gabriella

Please pray again for Bill and Karen’s granddaughter Gabriella born with sepsis back in September and now appears to have hydrocephalous - pray for a miracle that Gabriella not need surgery. They host the Tuesday night Rosary in Barre.

Election – pray for our President-elect and for a peaceful transition

Nov 12 Sat Pro-Life Prayer protest on the sidewalk, but no Mass. Pleasant St. Pray for America in front of the Temple of the Secular Religion, Planned Parenthood

What follows is a quotation from the end of an article Br. Paul read recently by James Kalb, an astute observer of the spirit of the modern world. I think it accurately depicts some of what’s fueling our present cultural and political crisis. Hat tip Br. Paul for this:
“The Christian concepts of love, mercy, and human dignity thus grow naturally out of a particular understanding of the world, and of human nature and destiny, that calls for transformation of fallen lives. As such they enable us to make sense, among people as we find them, of an aspiration for a radically better world. But suppose that understanding is taken away? Suppose—for example—people believe they have no natural goal or destiny but are simply thrown into a world in which the only meaning anything has is the meaning they choose to give it? What happens to love, mercy, and dignity?

“What happens is that they come to mean what they increasingly mean in present-day discussion. What’s special about man, people come to think, is autonomy, the ability (in the words of the Supreme Court) “to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life,” and to act on that concept. Respect for autonomy thus becomes the basis of human dignity. Love becomes acceptance and support for however we exercise autonomy—in other words, “the path of accompaniment.” And mercy comes to mean putting aside as a denial of love and an offense to human dignity any standard that condemns the path some people choose to take.

“The contrast with the Christian understanding could hardly be greater. Where dignity was once based on features of human nature and destiny that are authoritative for us, it now lies in the assertion that we invent our nature and destiny. Where love once supported the other’s good, it now supports his will. And where mercy restored us to justice and truth, it now tells us we should follow our own justice and truth, whatever they may be.”

Nov 19 Sat no 10am Mass, but Sidewalk peaceful prayer vigil starting at 9am
We will no longer be having a Mass at the Problem Pregnancy Chapel on the Third Saturday of the Month. Fr. Adam Reid from Sacred Heart Parish in Oxford will not be able to celebrate this Mass for us, unless or until we find another Priest to commit to this day.

Nov 26 Sat No Mass with Fr. Cardinale, but still a 9am sidewalk vigil
Nov 30 Wed 12 Noon, Holy Hour for Life, Marriage, and Religious Freedom with scripture, rosary, adoration and Benediction, at Our Lady of the Rosary Church, 23 Fales St, Worcester.
God Bless America

Jay G.
Prayer Needs;
Jack Kelley husband of Anita Kelley from Our Lady of the Rosary Parish RIP after suffering a great deal and passing on All Saints Day, Nana decided to have Fr. Roy baptize her little Jewel at Visitation House, Libby Brennan who died Sunday Oct. 9, her mom Judge Martha Brennan who had predeceased her and her dad, Joe Brennan, a very good man who has had to suffer such losses, and family, Paul Wood RIP, Larissa and her newborn Lilah, our newest addition to Visitation House family. 5 year-old Andrew of the of Mahoney and Tosche families tragically killed by a car, Please continue to pray for Bill and Karen’s granddaughter, 2-week old Gabriella who was born with a fever then contracted sepsis (some improvement after Rosaries for her), John O’Mara RIP, Barbara Reidy RIP, Phyllis Schlafly RIP, 4 year-old Sarah is fine now after sustaining 2nd & 3rd degree burns over 10% of her body in an accident, Jarrett's past girlfriend Ashley to return to the church and turn her life around, Jonathan Ard RIP, Alyssa, Mike Jones & Renie McGee surgery, Baton Rouge LA & Dallas TX Police officers and their families, Philando Castile…

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