Oct 21, 2016

The Anti-Life protesters are coming

Oct 22 Sat 10am Mass, Fr. Cardinale, 9am Sidewalk peaceful prayer vigil
Word is that Anti-Life protesters were planning to show up at 10am, to counter-protest us Pro-Life prayerful protesters. If you can make it, help support Life.

40 Days for Life Fall campaign, THE BEGINNING OF THE END OF ABORTION
PP reorganizing MA operations, closing “health” centers in Somerville and Milford, while increasing appointments in Worcester and Fitchburg. This means we have the opportunity to consolidate our opposition in Central MA.

Oct 26 Wed 7–8:30pm Panel discussion protecting & promoting Human Dignity throughout Life within a culture of death, St. George Church Hall 38 Brattle St. Worc

“For us the great truth of the universe is that God wants our love."
Beginnings in Spiritual Life: Dominic Hoffman

Oct 26 Thu 6:30-9pm, Date & location change, 4th of four Catholic Free Press and diocesan Respect Life Office sponsored pre-election forums, titled “Conscience and the Catholic Voter”. Immaculate Conception Parish, 353 Grove St., Worcester. Holy hour at 6:30pm followed by Allison LeDoux, director of the Respect Life Office on “Life, Marriage, and Religious Freedom: Pillars of a Nation’s Soul.”

Oct 27 Thu 7pm MCFL Annual Fundraising Banquet. Four Points by Sheraton in Norwood, with featured keynote, Dana Scallon, internationally renowned Irish singer, composer, and former member of the European Parliament.
Oct 27 Thu 6:30pm Amoris Laetitia. Pope Francis on Marriage & the Family, panel discussion moderated by Raymond Arroyo, panelists include Archbishop Joeseph Kurtz of Louisville, Robert Royal Faith & Reason institute and Bishop Robert McManus of Worcester. Hagan Campus Center Assumption College Salisbury St.

Dem VP nominee Tim Kaine has filed a bill to overturn every single pro-life law in the country

More on Catholic Kaine and abortion

Nov 3 Thu 10-11am # Protest PP with 40 Days for Life across from at Planned Parenthood, 470 Pleasant St. Worcester

"My Vote, Explained", by CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER
Because she’s a dishonest, soulless, big-state progressive
The soullessness of this campaign — all ambition and entitlement — emerges almost poignantly in the e-mails, especially when aides keep asking what the campaign is about...It’s that emptiness at the core that makes every policy and position negotiable and politically calculable.

MCFL endorses Rich Baker for Governor’s Council, 5th Massachusetts Governor’s Council District, NE Massachusetts http://www.masscitizensforlife.org/mcfl-state-pac-endorses-rich-baker-for-governors-council/ Worcester's Gov Council district is 7th

Nov 4 Fri 8:00pm 1st Friday Mass celebrated by Fr. Donato Infante followed by adoration until 8am 1st Saturday Mass with Fr. Michael Roy of St. Roch’s. Everyone is welcomed. All Adoration hours could use backup. Scheduled Adorers 9PM – Chris T. 10PM - Julie S - Paul T. 11PM – Julie S, 12 AM midnight – open, 1AM – Carol 2AM open. 3AM.. – Jay G 5AM – Fred M - Bob D 6:00 – Adrian 7AM – Kathy L. Could really use some help in the middle of the night as well as at 6AM.
Nov 5 Sat 8am 1st Saturday Mass and devotion Problem Pregnancy Chapel, Fr. Michael Roy We continue with Fr. Pagan’s prayer group to pray for our Country and the up-coming election, as part of the 1st Saturday devotion, after the 8am Mass, and including our regular Pro-Life prayers.

Nov 6 Sun last day of 40 Days for Life Fall 2016 campaign

End of the 54 day Novena for our Nation that started back on August 15th feast of the Assumption

Nov 8 Tue VOTE

Nov 12 Sat Pro-Life Prayer protest on the sidewalk, with 40 Days for Life, but no Mass. Pleasant St. Pray for America in front of the Temple of the Secular Religion, Planned Parenthood

Nov 19 Sat 10am Mass, Fr. Cardinale, 9am Sidewalk peaceful prayer vigil

UN Appoints Global LGBT Ombudsman, Nations Push Back
By Stefano Gennarini, J.D.

God Bless America

Jay G.
Prayer Needs;
Libby Brennan who died Sunday Oct. 9, her mom Judge Martha Brennan who had predeceased her and her dad, Joe Brennan, a very good man who has had to suffer such losses, and family, Paul Wood RIP, Larissa and her newborn Lilah, our newest addition to Visitation House family. 5 year-old Andrew of the of Mahoney and Tosche families tragically killed by a car, Please continue to pray for Bill and Karen’s granddaughter, 2-week old Gabriella who was born with a fever then contracted sepsis (some improvement after Rosaries for her), John O’Mara RIP, Barbara Reidy RIP, Phyllis Schlafly RIP, 4 year-old Sarah is fine now after sustaining 2nd & 3rd degree burns over 10% of her body in an accident, Jarrett's past girlfriend Ashley to return to the church and turn her life around, Jonathan Ard RIP, Alyssa, Mike Jones & Renie McGee surgery, Baton Rouge LA & Dallas TX Police officers and their families, Philando Castile…

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