May 9, 2016

next steps

A few weeks ago, pro-life Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn issued a subpoena to baby parts broker Stem Express. StemExpress is now refusing to answer that subpoena, which can only mean one thing: This vile company is covering up for Planned Parenthood . Please sign the emergency petition to StemExpress CEO Cate Dyer, demanding that she follow the law

May 14 Sat No more 10am Masses on the second Saturday in the Problem Pregnancy Chapel, Fr. can no longer commit to saying this Mass.

News out of Missouri: We've been done in by three cowardly Republican legislators who voted with LGBT extremists to deny supporters of marriage protections from government persecution. These Republicans have denied the people of Missouri the right to vote on this important issue. They sided with the LGBT extremists. Please sign our petition letting the Republicans who betrayed us know that their actions will not be tolerated.

May 21 Sat 10am Mass celebrated by Fr. Reid, Problem Pregnancy Chapel. Prayerful sidewalk protest after mass about 9am

Mass. Legislature modifies “bathroom bill” language. Attempt to counter “sexual predator” fears. Trying to gain votes to override possible veto by Governor. States around the country are crafting legislation to stop the transgender agenda in public restrooms. But the Massachusetts Legislature is trying hard to impose it. Senate to vote May 12. Will this scheme work?

May 27 Sat 10am Mass with Fr. Cardinale in the Problem Pregnancy Chapel

Jun Fri 8:00pm 1st Friday Mass followed by adoration until 8am 1st Saturday Mass with Fr. Michael Roy of St. Roch’s. Everyone is welcomed. All Adoration hours could use backup. Scheduled Adorers 9PM – Chris T. 10PM - Julie S - Paul T. 11PM – Julie S, 12 AM midnight – Fran., 1AM –Carol 2AM – open 3AM – Jay G 4AM – Eileen 5AM – Fred M - Bob D 6:00 – Adrian 7AM – Kathy L., Marcia G. Could really use some help in the middle of the night.
May 7 Sat 8am 1st Saturday Mass and devotion Problem Pregnancy Chapel, Fr. Michael Roy

Nick Lowe - "I Live On A Battlefield"

Sep 5-9 WQPH Radio sponsoring a pilgrimage to EWTN in Alabama. Details Mary Ann Harold

Oct 14 Fri 7pm MFI's 25th Annual Fundraising Banquet, featuring world-renowned faith leader Dr. Ravi Zacharias. Boston/Newton Marriot 2345 Commonwealth Avenue, Newton, MA 02466

Black executive woman employee of Trump, Lynne Patton explains her support

"I didn't hear nobody pray" is a double negative, but still a profound admonition, especially when you hear it after Eucharistic Adoration as I first did.
This is the refrain to the song, "Wreck On The Highway", written by Dorsey Dixon,
"I didn't hear nobody pray dear brother
I didn't hear nobody pray
I heard the crash on the highway
but I didn't hear nobody pray"
While I preferred the Sons of Mud Boy version I heard on the radio, I could not find that one on YouTube or online.
Here's Emmylou Harris
Roy Akuff, Stoney & Wilma Lee Cooper, a duet with George Jones & Gene Pitney. Even Springstein covered this, but I didn't hear nobody pray in his version.

God Bless America

Jay G.
Prayer Needs; Michelle Kenny double Mastectomy, Chris Hanley who has synovial sarcoma metastasized to her lungs, Marikler with liver adenoma & her husband Eric with Crohn’s, Sara Ross, Antonin Scalia RIP, Jim Tisdell, Doan family, Rebecca with breast cancer, Mary Agnes thyroid, Camille cancer, Pricilla infection, Michelle Kenny 37 stage 4 cancers, Aline, a Congolese mom of a 2-year-old and a 36-week preemie is in bed with a corset, she had surgery at Memorial for her spine TB, which went well and is still on a heavy regimen of anti TB drugs by mouth. She walks now and lives at home and is able to take care of her children. Claude was able to get back to work. The baptism of their little boy was 3 weeks ago (mid Feb.2016) at St Andrews African community. Peg O’Shea RIP, 5 year old Andrew...brain tumor, Johanna Freeman pneumonia, Alec Michael testicular cancer, Fr. Rocco Piccolomini & Monsignor Tinsley RIP, Cheryl for full recovery after successful brain surgery, Brian for moral support, Refugees Martin Djaibe & Alice Kotambai, Ryan for spiritual protection, 8-year-old Isabel recovering from surgery for a Cesotomy, Abby suicidal, Danielle & her baby Anthony, Jodie, Emily's return home and the Lord's help

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