Mar 14, 2016

Carly Trumps for Cruz

While I may consider anyone over Hilary Clinton for President next November, right Now I urge all primary voters to get informed and to support Ted Cruz as the only qualified pro-Life, pro-Religious Freedom and pro-Constitution candidate who can beat Donald Trump for the Republican Nomination.

Carly Fiorina, the only candidate to address the March for Life last January, makes the case why you should support Ted Cruz for President in her introduction on this C-Span video. Carly’s remarks start 20 seconds in, and money quotes start about 3 minutes in and explode about 6:40 in.
“These are serious times…with Ted Cruz we know what we are getting…we can count on Ted Cruz to stick to his principles and convictions…When you challenge the system, you do more than ruffle feathers, you do more than break glass, so guess what, I am proud of the enemies Ted Cruz has made…Donald Trump is not going to challenge the system, Donald Trump is this system (6:40)… Hillary and Donald are two sides of the same coin…Hillary Clinton has made her millions selling access and influence from inside the system and Donald Trump has made his billions by buying people like Hillary Clinton off, he will never reform the system, he benefits from the system, he is the system.”

Jonah Goldberg from National Review addresses the chief objections to Ted Cruz from conservative and Republican insiders:
1) They just don’t like him.
2) They don’t think he’s electable.
3) They think he’d be just as much of a self-interested pain in the butt as president as he has been as a senator.
Money Quote: 'Unlike Trump, Cruz is ideologically and intellectually qualified to be president (and to pick Supreme Court nominees).'

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