Nov 29, 2015

Colorado Springs violence condemned

Some facts from the tragic fatal shootings outside a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs;
- Robert Lewis Dear, 57, of North Carolina identified as the murderer
- Dear appears to be mentally unstable, and no clear motive has arisen
- neighbors from NC report told ABC Dear appeared to be a quiet man, and "off", and when they spoke he tended to ramble on disconnected topics, avoided eye contact and that the subjects of abortion and religion never came up
- reports he had several traffic, seat belt and motor vehicle violations such as driving an unregistered car
- All Pro-Life groups have condemned this and all violence at abortion facilities
- the shootings appeared to start outside the Planned Parenthood, and Planned Parenthood reports all their workers and patients were unharmed during this rampage.
- Gateway pundit reports Dear registered to vote in CO as a woman
- The slain Police officer, Garrett Swasey was a 6-year veteren of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Police Force and was responding to assist Colorado Springs Police. the two dead civilians have not been identified.
- multiple unconfirmed reports citing unnamed law enforcement sources claim Dear told investigators "no more baby parts" after surrendering, but NBC is reporting it remains unclear how much the "baby parts" remark played into the attack
- AP reports Dear never got past the waiting area in the Planned Parenthood building
- An Armored Police vehicle called the BEAR rammed the front of the building, backed out, leaving an opening that was used to rescue several people in the building
- Law Enforcement monitored Dear with snipers and surveillance cameras inside the building
- 5 Law officers from CO Springs and El Paso County were treated for gunshot wounds
- 5 hours after the rampage began Dear spoke, saying "OK, you win," then surrendered at 4:52pm

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