Nov 4, 2014

Why I did not vote for Charlie Baker

It's still early, but indications are that Charlie Baker is in the lead for the Governor of Massachusetts.
I endorsed Scot Lively for Governor, and Shelly Saunders for Lt. Not just recommended but endorsed.

I received an email, a sincere email, asking me why and pointing out that this would be a vote for Coakley.
The email:
Unfortunately, a vote for Dr. Lively is a vote for Martha Coakley. If he had a chance of winning, I would support him wholeheartedly, as we did for Mark Fisher, but we lost.

Regarding the "The Lesser of Two Evils" essay on his website, I am bothered by Scott's position that we need a shock treatment, compliments of Martha, to prime us for the 2016 elections.Here in Massachusetts we have been experiencing non-stop shock for years.
What's different about a Martha Coakley treatment?

What it WILL do is impede the increasing Conservative momentum now under way. Working in a Baker environment, although not ideal, will enable us to expand our base and head into 2016 far stronger than in a Coakley-governed state.

Please take a moment to read the following, especially Don Feder's article. As you probably know, Don is one of the most outspoken Social Conservatives in the Commonwealth.

In any case, we Conservatives should be seeking ways to identify our common interests and coalesce around them.
My reply, excluding the recipient's name and glossing over the fact that I really need spell check:

Thanks ***** for the feedback, I appreciate it.
Since you sent me a sincerely argued email, I'll respond sincerely, even though I have not changed my mind. Hopefully I won't sound strident. And there will be no all caps words or sentences. ;-)

I agree with Feder that "Within two years we will significantly remake the political landscape including [I'd say especially] the Massachusetts legislature" and I have noted "the array of terrific Conservative candidates on the ballot", unfortunately I think Charlie Baker is impeding and will continue to impede this Conservative momentum, which I beleive will disuade other conservative candidates from joining ranks with the Republicans. How can I say this?
Baker's no different than Coakley on the Social conservative issues. Karen Polito renounced all of her tenously held Pro-Life beliefs and went so far as to lament publicly her previous support of Parental Notification laws concerning minors obtaining abortions

I suppose we could forget her complete capitulation on Traditional Marriage...and just focus on the clearly Civil Rights Issue that is abortion on demand and I will turn the question back on you - Should I compromise my firmly held belief that abortion is a civil rights issue and take the expedient route for a Pair that is essentially completely opposed to all of my Social Conservative beliefs in the hope this will somehow make Massachusetts more livable and possibly a little less taxed. Shouldn't I be concerned that if Baker and Polito get elected that the country club Republicans will never concede or compromise on any Social Conservative issue ever.

I'll vote for Herr, and Hefferan and others. But I've got to make a stand on a vote for Charlie and Karyn. Charlie should have planned some Social conservative contigency. I think his position was stupid in light of the fact that no matter what he does, he'll never win over the Social Progressives and their experiential agenda that repackages the old 60s matra, do it if it feels good. I cannot in good conscience vote for him. There has to be some line we Social Conservatives will not cross, and I think Charlie & Karyn made the case for us this time, they moved the line too far. While I can let Herr slide, and actually endorse some others with equally bad Social Conservative stances as Charlie, I've got make one stand.

To my mind I cannot figure out why the fiscal conservative Republicans cannot simply announce just one abortion restriction, even a symbolic one to give Pro-Lifers something to grasp. I believe the more we talk about abortion, the more the mass in the middle will realize how unrestricted, how profitable, how dark is this abortion industrial complex. Instead the Republican leadership joins ranks with the abortion on demand crowd and expect us to compromise because there were no alternatives. But there are.

Thanks for listening anyway, and I do appreciate this opportunity to explain my non-knee jerk positions while I ponder your I'm sure equally non-knee jerk positions.

God Bless America,
Jay G.
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