Aug 29, 2014

'After 3rd trimester'

Aug 30 Sat 10am Mass Problem Pregnancy. Fr. Ken Cardinale (postponed from Aug. 23)

Tax-payer funded PBS will air the ‘documentary’ film “After Tiller”, propaganda about the deceased 3rd trimester abortionist who was murdered in 2009. “'After Tiller' is nothing short of pure propaganda intended to demonize the entire pro-life movement and drum up support for late-term abortion,” said Judie Brown, president of American Life League. “Why are pro-life tax dollars being used to paint a sympathetic picture of abortionists who stab babies in the base of their skulls just moments before they are born? Where is the sympathy for the babies, whose brains are being sucked out by vacuum machines by these abortionists?”

Please let PBS know their bias is showing.

1st Friday Requiem Mass - Sep. 5, 2014 8 P.M. celebrated by Fr. Dan Becker, followed by all night Eucharistic Adoration and concluding at 8am with 1st Saturday Mass celebrated by Father Michael J. Roy of St. Roch Parish, Oxford. Everyone is welcomed. All Adoration hours could use backup. Scheduled Adorers 9PM – Chris T. 10PM - Julie S - Paul T. 11PM – Eilleen, 12 AM midnight – Shawn, 1AM – Jim R. 2AM – Fran 3AM – Jay G 4AM – Jay G. 5AM – Fred M - Bob D 6:00 –Chris&Mike, Adrian 7AM – Kathy. Let me know if you cannot cover your hour. All hours could use backup.
Sep 6 Sat 8am 1st Saturday Mass with Fr. Roy in the Problem Pregnancy Chapel
Sep 6 Sat noon 1st Saturday Mass with Fr. Gaby Hoyak at Our Lady of Mercy Maronite Church, June St. Worc, 11am confession and Rosary, 1st Sat. meditation and Divine Mercy Chaplet before Mass.

Sep 9 Tue MA State Primary election. MA citizens for Life has endorsements, Though many Pro-Lifers disagree with the recommendations to vote for reps Jay Barrows and Stephen DiNatale after they supported the new, vague, anti-life MA buffer zone. Dennis Rosa voted against, but has a mixed Pro-Life record at best.
Please support Mark Fisher for Governor in the Republican Primary

Sep 13 Sat Mass celebrated Fr. Jonathan Slavinskas, in the Problem Pregnancy Chapel, 495 Pleasant St. Worc, followed by Sidewalk prayerful protest in front of Planned Parenthood, 470 Pleasant St. Worc
Sep 13 Sat noon 2nd annual Memorial Service for Aborted Babies, St Bernard Parish at St Camillus Church, Fitchburg, MA. Special guests; Bishop Robert McManus & Ms Allison LaDoux. Call Joyce for if you need details, 978-345-0129.

Sep 20 Sat 10am Mass to save babies with Fr. Adam Reid in the Problem Pregnancy Chapel, 495 Pleasant St. Worc, followed by Sidewalk prayerful protest in front of Planned Parenthood. Sep 20 Sat 8am Mass and Rosary to end abortion at Framingham Union Hospital, St. Stephen's Church.

Conservative, Retired US Navy Seal Ryan Zinke is one of several Republicans running for the seat being vacated by Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.). Zinke wants to “Retak[e] Washington D.C. from the liberal insurgency.’

Sep 24 Wed 40 Days for Life Fall prayer vigil starts. Until Nov. 2nd We will hold our vigil ACROSS THE STREET from Planned Parenthood, where we have been in the past. Sidewalk counselors only will be on PP’s side of the street.

Sep 27 Sat 9am Prayer vigil on the sidewalk followed by 10am Mass in the Problem Pregnancy Chapel. Fr. Ken Cardinale

Watch the first televised debate between the two GOP Gubernatorial candidates, Mark Fisher and Charlie Baker, recorded Sunday morning, August 17, on WBZ Ch. 4 at 8:30. on CBS-Boston.

Conservatives finally have a choice. For too long we've either had to sit it out or hold our noses to vote, but not this year! Spread the word about Conservative, Republican Mark Fisher!
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Prayer of Mercy " Merciful Father, I place all sinners in the world and especially those in my own family, living and dead, in the Holy Chalice. Please Heavenly Father, have mercy on me and my own ancestors, living or dead, who have sinned against You including my children. Receive my prayer of mercy to allow Your Divine Son Jesus to cleanse the curses of sin with His own Precious Blood. Heal us all Father, so we may be spiritually and physically able to practice our holy Catholic faith and be drawn into a greater love for Your Son, Jesus, who is the Son of God and the Son of Man. Thank you Father God for your mercy today and for allowing Your Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for all my sins,..Amen".
Can be recited at Holy Mass,..
Jay G.
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