Jun 12, 2011

Prayer Vigil Protest

Jun 17 Fri 7:30PM Rosary my house
Jun 18 Sat No 8AM Mass (cancelled) but still have Prayer Vigil Protest in front of Planned Parenthood on Pleasant St. Park on Dewey or Hudson St., or Blessed Sacrament Church.
Jun 18 Sat pray to end abortion, Framingham Union Hospital

Boston Archdiocese allows gay pride Mass.

Jun 20 Mon 7:30PM St. Francis Xavier 808 Main St. Bolton, Evening of Recollection for Men. Other evenings in Boston, Brookline, Providense, Pembroke and Bedford, NH. Retreats for Men.

Jun 25 Sat 8AM Prayer Vigil Protest in front of Planned Parenthood on Pleasant St. Park on Dewey or Hudson St., or Blessed Sacrament Church

Jul 1 Fri 8PM First Friday Mass, all night Eucharistic Adoration.
Jul 2 Sat 8AM Mass Problem Pregnancy Chapel, 495 Pleasant St. Worc.

Aug 6 Sat 11AM Our Lady of Mercy Maronite Church June St. Worc, 1st Saturday Devotion returns after two months off, Confessions, Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, Noon Divine Liturgy Maronite Rite.
Aug 28 Sun Noon-5PM St. Paul's Parish Picnic

Oct 15 Sat. Noon Public Square Rosary - 2,000 Rosary rallies in 2007 grew to 5,963 last year, 2011 goal is 7000 locations across N.America. See you on Pleasant St.

Sept28-Nov6 Fall 40 Days for Life. 714 babies saved during Spring campaign. If you can volunteer to help please contact Lee Crowley, Sandra Kucharski or Pauline Morris.

Defenders of Massachusetts Bathroom Bill need to stop claiming it is safe to allow men dressed as women to use the Women's public bathrooms.
Jay G.
Prayer Needs;


Ellen Wironken said...

Father John Unni suggested during Mass that God made people homosexual.


JayG said...

That sounds like saying God made us to sin

Ellen Wironken said...

That's exactly what it sounds like JayG. On the humorous side, Paul left a comment at BHE calling on Catholics to request the Archdiocese of Boston to allow a Mass in honor of Mary Stachowitz. They were ready to allow a "gay pride" Mass. Would they be open to a Mass in memory of a martyr for the faith?

JayG said...

Good news that the Gay Pride Mass was cancelled, however the vagueness of Donilon's statement is troubling, especially where this Globe article states that Donilon said that he spoke for the parish and that the decision [to cancel] was made by senior officials at the archdiocese

Ellen Wironken said...

This scandal is mushrooming now. Boston Church in grave crisis. Good point JayG.

JayG said...

Bad News, Gay Mass appears to be rescheduled to July 10 according to Globe. Please Pray.