May 16, 2011

Pro-Life Pledge

We need to go back to basic principles to prevent painful splits such as in the campaign of Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown. His positions are sometimes pro-life and sometimes pro-abortion, yet he was called "pro-life" and endorsed by some pro-life groups.

Even those who disagree about politicians like Scott Brown can agree on the "back-to-basics" proposal below.

As a pro-life person, your good reputation will set an example for others to unify our movement.

Will you sign on to the Life Pledge below? Will you agree to let us list your name on Web site?

It's as easy as A B C:
A. Read the reform proposal below.
B. If you agree, fill in the blanks below and reply to us at
C. Forward this email to other pro-lifers that you know.

Thank you!

Colbe Mazzarella
Director, Way of the Cross for Life

Carol McKinley
Pro-Life activist and blogger
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Yes, I agree with this back-to-basics pro-life proposal. Please show my support by listing my name on like this:

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The Life Pledge

I pledge to uphold and act on this pro-life reform proposal:

Three Foundational Principles That Unite Pro-life People and Groups
1. A human being comes into existence at fertilization, as the DNA evidence shows.
2. Every human has the unalienable right to life from fertilization to natural death.
3. The unalienable right to life of every innocent human being must be equally protected by law, whether the person is born or unborn, healthy or sick, or facing disabilities.

Issues That Spring From the Three Pro-life Principles
Violating the three principles raises many issues, such as:
Beginning of Life: abortion, reproductive technologies, genetic engineering, amniocentesis, contraception, abortifacients, post-abortion effects, traditional marriage as a protection for new life, eugenics;
End of Life: eugenics, medical rationing, euthanasia, assisted suicide;
as well as the appointment of judges who are pro-life on these issues.
Solutions for these issues include political, charitable, educational and spiritual activities. Pro-life individuals and groups focus on their own issues with their own solutions as they see fit. If we keep our three shared principles in mind and communicate respectfully, then our different activities will intermesh to protect vulnerable human lives more than we could separately.

Goals and Methods for Pro-life Activities

1. The common goal and mission of pro-life people and groups is to protect vulnerable lives. One necessary method is to promote and act on the three pro-life principles. 2. Within the pro-life movement we have many different estimates of how to reach our common goal, and we aspire to resolving our differences by respectful discussion.

Strategies for State and Federal Pro-life PACs

1. PACs will endorse political candidates ONLY if they publicly pledge to uphold all three principles above.

2. PACs will describe political candidates as pro-life ONLY if they publicly pledge to uphold all three principles above.

3. PACs will participate in elections by publicizing the positions of all candidates, major and minor, as they relate to these pro-life principles and issues.
4. All questionnaires for candidates will include Yes-or-No questions on these three principles. PACs will show the sources from which they learned a candidate's position on issues, such as voting records, official position statements and other public statements. The goal is full disclosure so that voters can decide for themselves which candidate to support. Using partial disclosure to make a chosen candidate look more pro-life is disrespectful of pro-life voters.

Long-term strategies for PACs
1. PACs will continually reach out to make contact with potential new pro-life candidates who are willing to take this pledge.
2. PACs will develop, advance and assist pro-life candidates to get elected.

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