Apr 13, 2011

Problem Pregnancy vandalized

Problem Pregnancy, 495 Pleasant St. in Worcester, MA, was vandalized, apparently by Pro-Choice anarchist punks. Full Story by DaTechguy


JayG said...

"We cannot simultaneously serve the poor and accept the legal killing of unborn children."
Archbishop Charles Chaput

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

"It moves one's heart to think: Nine months before I was born there was a woman who loved me deeply. She did not know what I was going to be like, but she loved me because she carried me in her womb. And when she gave me birth, she took me in her arms, because her love was not just beginning - she conceived it along with me. A mother loves - and that is why abortion is so abhorrent..."
- Oscar Romero(1917-1980), Archbishop of San Salvador, El Salvador and human rights leader murdered in 1980 by right-wing death squad.

JayG said...

T&G has buried article on this.