Apr 2, 2011

Marriage and Life

Greater Fitchburg for Life is looking for Pro-Life contributors to their blog. Check them out.

Pro-Abortion Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) claims that Pro-Lifers and TEA Party members "don't deserve the freedoms in the Constitution."

Apr 7 Thu rosary with Bishop McManus rescheduled to Apr 14.
Apr 7 Thu 3:30PM pray the rosary with Fr. Bruso, Planned Parenthood Main St Fitchburg
Apr 7 Thu 5:30-7PM Carl Anderson, Supreme Knight of Knights of Columbus - Faneuil Hall "The importance of JFK's Inaugural Address 50 years later"
The National Organization for Marriage, NOM, is fighting the good fight to defend Marriage as the life-time union of 1 man and 1 woman, with its threefold benefits of encouraging the domestication of men, the protection of women, and the best situation in which to rear children. Recently they helped Indiana pass pro-family marriage legislation, and countering the misleading testimony of executives of Cummins, Inc. Read More and consider a donation at http://www.nationformarriage.org/

40 Days for Life update, TEMPE, AZ - Charlotte finally made it to the 40 Days for Life
vigil in Tempe despite the busyness of life, dropping her older child at preschool taking her still pajama-clad 8-month-old daughter to the vigil. But Charlotte did not have a sign, like all the others praying there.

"Passersby started smiling and waving," wrote Charlotte. "I looked down to kiss the very active 8-month-old in my arms and realized my daughter had learned to wave!" And not just a little wave -- an energetic, both-hands-and-both-arms wave. That's when it hit me that my 8-month-old was smiling, waving, laughing and ministering to every person who looked at her, My baby said more than any sign could have. She is proof of God's amazing work. She may not understand
it yet, but she could have saved lives." At that point Charlotte realized she had the
best sign!"

Apr 9 Sat AM Prayer Vigil Protest in front of Planned Parenthood on Pleasant St. with 40 Days for Life. Abortions scheduled.
Apr 10 Sun, KofC Coffee Shop after 10:15AM Mass, 6PM Vespers, St. Paul's Cathedral
Apr 10 Sun 11:30AM “What is Love?” for students in grades 8-12 and young adults: speakers, music, breakout sessions, adoration and confession. Concludes with 5PM Mass. St. Joseph's Charlton 508-248-7862.
The family that prays together ...
Apr 11 Mon, 7:30PM Andy McCarthy - "The Grand Jihad," Ahavath Torah Congregation, 1179 Central St., in Stoughton. info/RSVP via e-mail office@atorah.org.

Abbey Johnson appearing in advertisements asking that Planned Parenthood be de-funded by the Federal government.

Apr 14 Thu 11AM pray the rosary with Bishop McManus during 40 Days for Life, Pleasant St.
Apr 15 Fri 4PM "40 Days for Life" Mass at Blessed Sacrament Church, 551 Pleasant Street, Worcester. Celebrant is Fr. Laurence Breault; music by Assumption Schola Gregoriana. A Eucharistic procession around the block of Planned Parenthood immediately following the Mass. All are welcome. Area priests are invited to concelebrate the Mass.
Apr 16 Sat AM Prayer Vigil Protest in front of Planned Parenthood on Pleasant St. with 40 Days for Life.

Home Depot promotes the homosexual lifestyle to children - Sign the Petition asking them to stop

"The goal is to reach kids before they absorb their parents' values. By middle school it's too late."

Apr 28 Thu 7PM Visitation House Dinner
Apr 29-May 4, 2011, JP-II Beatification in Rome

Jun 12 Sun Beach Boys and the Lettermen perform at the Fraze Pavilion near Dayton Ohio for the 2nd annual Terri Schiavo Life and Hope concert.

Progressives aren't

Economic Stimulus: Where the Government borrows money in order to give it away.
Thanks and God Bless,
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Prayer Needs;
Blood Money - the business of abortion. Post abortion syndrome

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