Mar 27, 2011

40 Days for Life Vigil Highlights

•Friday, March 18, there was a wind advisory, but we at 40 Days for Life think it was the Holy Spirit moving through the area. There was no parish was assigned. However, numerous faithful prayer volunteers and sidewalk counselors were there to hold down the fort throughout the day. A few faithful vigilers have made a commitment to be at the vigil EVERY day; others come often and stay for HOURS in the cold. Thank you for your sacrifice!

• Saturday, March 19, parishioners from St. Mary’s, North Grafton participated in the public vigil…and were joined at one point by our Heaven-sent neighborhood vigiler, Cecile (see photo on website).

After having only one person sign up after the Masses at St. Mary’s to pray at the vigil, despite encouragement from the pulpit by their pastor, Fr. Ray Goodwin, Julie had to come up with another way to get people to sign up. For those of us who have not always been successful enlisting prayer volunteers with sign up sheets, you may find this method helpful. Here’s how Julie did it: She asked the 4 members of the prolife ministry to each take a 3 hour shift to cover the 12 hour vigil day. Then each of the 4 committee members personally invited others to join them, either by calling them, or sending an email. Julie reports they had 14 people and many stayed beyond their 1 hour commitment. Julie gave each of the participants a “Precious Feet” pin and a prayer card with a prayer to close Planned Parenthood in Worcester.

• Tuesday, March 22 was an abortion day at Planned Parenthood, and a day with no parish assigned. We put out the call for prayer volunteers, and you responded to provide coverage.

• Wednesday, March 23 was the vigil day for St. George, Worcester, and an abortion day. It was yet another cold March day. Rod Murphy of Problem Pregnancy stopped by to say hello in the afternoon. St. George’s organizer, Stacy, brought her two month old son with her, and we think he holds the record for the youngest prayer volunteer of this campaign.

• Thursday, March 24 was an abortion day at Planned Parenthood, covered for part of the day by St. Mary’s in Milford. Faithful regular vigilers from a number of other parishes filled in the gaps.

• Friday, March 25 was covered by regular vigilers, including Fr. Larry, who comes each week.

• We end the week with bounty! This Saturday, March 26, prayer volunteers from all over the Diocese will be joining together to witness to life. The parish of St. Anne and St. Patrick in Sturbridge is assigned to cover the vigil. St. Bernadette’s parishioners who cannot make their assigned vigil day on Tuesday, will be coming on this, their alternate date. Members of the St. Benedict community, along with students from the IHM School, Still River will be at the vigil from 8:30-noon. And confirmation students from St. Joseph’s parish in Charlton are expected from 10:30-1.

If you are coming to the vigil this Saturday, please make sure that you are clear on where the buffer zone is located. If in doubt, stand across the street from Planned Parenthood. The Campaign Director and the Church Coordinator will be there to make sure that those representing 40 Days for Life know where to stand. We ask that you make sure passersby have room to walk on the sidewalk. We have notified the Worcester Police Department that we expect a larger than usual crowd.

The Week Ahead
The following parishes are scheduled:

Tuesday, March 29 – St. Bernadette
Thursday, March 31 – St. Joan of Arc & St. Mary, Uxbridge
Friday, April 1 – Holy Angels/St. Michael’s
Saturday, April 2 – St. Joseph, Charlton

If you are coordinating your parish vigil, please either enter the hours you have covered on the Vigil Schedule so your time can be recorded. 
•We’ve ordered more 40 Days for Life “Pray to End Abortion” signs which should arrive this week.
•If you plan to go to the vigil, please sign up on the Vigil Schedule so we get an idea of how much coverage we have. If you are hesitating to sign up because you don’t know the exact time you’ll be there or might not make it, don’t worry about that. Please sign up anyway. Your best guess is fine. : )

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JayG said...

Hi Jay,
Just wanted to share some good news with you. I went to work at Problem Pregnancy this morning and a 22 year old woman came back today for a second appointment. She had come in on the 18th of March for a pregnancy test which came out positive. She was not happy but decided upon leaving that she would carry her child. Well she changed her mind in the past two weeks and came in this morning to get the RU486 pill. She was scheduled for an ultrasound as well. After talking with her for a few minutes she opened up a little bit more with me and told me that she had said a prayer to God this morning asking for a sign to let her know what she should do about the baby. When she got off the bus to come to our office, a man was standing on the sidewalk with yellow balloons and a sign that read "Pray to Stop Abortion." We both agreed that was quite a "sign." She had her ultrasound, and she is coming back for another ultrasound next week and it looks like she will be keeping her baby. She still needs prayers because she could change her mind again. But it looks good so far. Thank God and thanks to 40 days for Life. I went out and told the gentleman who was all by himself for a LONG time praying that his prayers are being answered.