Oct 20, 2010

Who to Vote For in Worcester County

Pro-Life vote listed first (on Left)
1st Worc-Holden KIM Ferguson (R) over Ken O'Brien (D) and Jon Long (I)
1st Worc Senate Bill Higgins (R) over Harriet Chandler (D)
2nd Worc-Gardner Rich Bastien (R) over P. Gerry (D)
5th Worc-Barre Rodney Josephson over Anne Gobi (D)
6th Worc-Charlton Peter Durant over G. Alicea (D)
8th Worc-Dudley Kevin Kuros (R) over P. Kujawski (D)
9th Worc-Grafton George Peterson (R) over Timothy Dodd (D)
Worc-Norfolk Senate both Richard Moore (D) and Kim Roy appear Pro-Life
12th Worc-Clinton James Gettins (R) over Harold Naughton (D)
Worc-Middlesex Senate Neal Heeren (R) over Pro-Abortion Jennifer Flanagan (D)
13th Worc-Paxton Pro-Life Paul Franco (R) over John Mahoney (D) and Ronal ACLU Madnick (I)
18th Worc- Ryan Fattman (R) over Jennifer Callahan (D)
Worc-Hampshire Senate Dan Dubrule (R) over Steve Brewer (D)

MFI Voter Guide

MCFL Endorsements/Recommendations in Worcester
Worcester County, Endorse:Kimberly N. Ferguson (R), STEPHEN L. DINATALE (D), Peter J. Durant (R), PAUL K. FROST (R), GEORGE N. PETERSON, JR. (R), Matthew A. Beaton (R),James F. Gettens (R), JOHN J. BINIENDA, SR. (D)
Recommend: Richard Bastien (R), Carolyn A. Kamuda (Unenrolled), (both are running in 2nd Worcester), Rodney Arvid Josephson (R), Kevin J. Kuros (R), Ryan C. Fattman (R)
First Worcester, William J. Higgins, Sr. (R)
Worcester and Middlesex, Neal Andrew Heeren (R),
Worcester and Norfolk, RICHARD T. MOORE (D)

10th Middlesex - JAMES E. DIXON (R) v. PETER J. KOUTOUJIAN (D)
18th Essex - Andover, Haverhill, N.Andover JAMES LYONS, JR.(R) v. BARBARA L'ITALIEN

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