Sep 22, 2010

Confession is Pro-Life

Sep 24 Fri, 10AM St. Lukes covers 40 Days for Life 470 Pleasant St.
Sep 25 Sat 7:30-11AM Abortions scheduled at Planned Parenthood on Pleasant St. Sidewalk counselors up front, prayers in back. Park on Hudson St.
Sep 25 Sat 7PM Christianity or Humanism Debate at UU Church 90 Holden St. Worc, Greater Worc Humanists Vs. GK Chesterton Society of Worcester
Sep 29 Wed 5-7PM Planned Parenthood now does abortions this evening, so we need Prayer coverage.

The Anchoress blogs on the heavy grace of Confession at St. John Lateren in Rome, including the "sighing" Irish Priest, and
One of the best confessors I’ve ever had was a Chinese priest who had fought for his vocation while in China, and who had a gentle way of looking at things, born of having seen and lived through a great deal that most people never will. I confessed a sin that was weighing heavily on me–a true sin, no over-scrupulous conceit–and he sighed, just like that Irish priest; “well, that was a stupid thing to do,” he said, and it was like having someone take the burden from my shoulders.

Oct 1 Fri Holy Angels covers 40 Days for Life
Oct 1 Fri 8PM 1st Friday Mass with Fr. Gallagher at Problem Pregnancy Chapel, 495 Pleasant St. Worc. Followed by all night Eucharistic Adoration
Oct 2 Sat 8AM Mass with Fr. Roy to close out Adoration. No abortions scheduled at Planned Parenthood 470 Pleasant St., but 40 Days for Life vigil continues
Oct 3, Sun 2-3:30PM – Life Chain Elm Park and Denny's parking lot on Lincoln Street in Worcester and White City Plaza parking lot in Shrewsbury.

Oct 7 Thu St. Michael the Archangel covers 40 Days for Life
Oct 8 Fri, 10AM St. Lukes covers 40 Days for Life

Oct 14 Thu 11AM Bishop Robert McManus will lead the rosary in front of Planned Parenthood at 480 Pleasant St. in Worcester as part of 40 Days for Life.
Oct 16 Sat Public Rosary across the USA Noon on Pleasant St. Also Our Lady of Czestochowa parishioners will pray for 40 Days for Life.

Update on Fr. Mullen. Father Mullen received the go ahead from the Cardinal on Saturday. Our prayers were answered, he can implement the Safe Environment program of the Diocese of Baker, Oregon, called "Healthy Families: Safe Children". Background

What's so "hinkey" in the ArchDiocese?

Again in Boston. Seamless or Seamy Garment?

Order “Merry Christmas – God with Us” buttons or stickers for the True Holiday.

Voice of the Martyrs Bibles to Captive Nations Fund delivers Bibles to those who have had theirs destroyed or confiscated or to believers who have never owned a Bible of their own.

Latin Mass in Fitchburg

Senate narrowly defeats repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell/abortions on Military bases by voting down the latest Defense Appropriation.

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