Jan 27, 2010

Protest NEW Fitchburg Planned Parenthood 1/28/10

Protest NEW Fitchburg Planned Parenthood

Thursday, January 28 -- 12 Noon
391 Main Street, Fitchburg, MA

Planned Parenthood has a federal grant [surprise!] and wants to start three more PP Expresses -- Fitchburg, Marlboro and Milford. The first office that they want to open is in Fitchburg. We think the address is 317 Main St.

The pro-lifers in Firchburg are going to picket with signs and as many folks as possible on Thursday , January 28 at 12 noon. We would like lots of folks.

One purpose is to make the prospective landlord and business people and other neighbors very uncomfortable about having such a death dealing and controversial tenant moving into downtown Fitchburg.

The City Council will be meeting on the following Tuesday to vote on a petition, initiated by some Councillors rejecting the PP move to Fitchburg. From what I understand the vote holds no real power. It's just a vote of the opinion of the Council. The demonstration will help to get the Council's vote because they will see it as ongoing trouble with picketers in downtown.

Aborted baby signs, megaphones, the Grim Reaper, and many people milling about with signs, causing a slow down in traffic and a real nuisance will do wonders. Public opinion seems to be against PP moving downtown.

Be there January 28 if you can!!

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