Jan 16, 2010

Pro-Choice vs. Pro-Abortion this Jan. 19

Perhaps I was engaging in hyperbole when I endorsed Scott Brown for US Senator from Massachusetts in my previous emails, as the only “pro-life” vote. For the record, Scott Brown is Pro-Choice. In past voter guides MCFL has listed Brown as Pro-abortion while NARAL Planned Parenthood has listed Brown's Pro-Choice voting as “mixed.” My point was that despite his Pro-Choice stance, Scott Brown is against government funding for abortion, against minors getting abortions without parental consent, against partial birth abortion, and for strong conscience clause protection for health and pharmacy workers so they will not have to engage in abortions in any manner against their beliefs. This puts Scott Brown light years ahead of Pro-Abort Martha Coakley, who as a lawyer did pro-bono work getting minor girls to judges so they could get abortions without their parents consent or knowledge, and who in the debate with Brown tried to claim that Brown was against medical treatment for rape victims because he supports a conscience clause. Libertarian Joseph L. Kennedy is running as an Independent, is Pro-same-sex marriage and did not reply to Massachusetts Family Institute Voter Guide questions about his views on abortion.

Coakley insists National HealthCare fund abortions, which the Guttmacher Institute (Planned Parenthood) admits will increase abortions in the US by 250,000-420,000 per year. This is why the Democrats removed that old canard “Safe, Legal and Rare” from their 2008 party platform! Martha Coakley is clearly an abortion zealot, and we cannot allow her to go to Washington. It makes sense to vote for Scott Brown in this election. If there were a Pro-Life candidate, I'd vote for him or her, but there is not.

Please Vote for Scott Brown on Tuesday Jan 19

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