Oct 16, 2009

Ministry of Truth

A sleaze named Jack Huberman (aka the quotable atheist) wrote a book that claimed Rush Limbaugh said Martin Luther King Jr's assassin (James Earl Ray) should get the medal of honor. Trouble was Huberman did not attribute when or where Rush allegedly said this racist remark and still refuses to answer, because Rush never said this. So Huberman is a liar. But a lie goes half way around the world before the truth gets its shoes on, so CNN, MSNBC (including specifically Rachael Maddow) NYT and the major broadcast stations have all repeated this calumny. It's a sad day that totally false remarks, lies, can be repeated by the Ministry of Truth; the mainstream media including NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN, and of course the New York Times.

The sad truth to this story now that the lies have been exposed is many still maintain Rush is a racist, basically because he criticized Eagles quarterback Donavan McNab. That's a pretty scary standard.

Rush Limbaugh has always advocated the Pro-Life position strongly. These anti-life bigots should not only be sued, but we should all avoid helping them profit from lies by boycotting these anti-life news outlets!

Rush: "Looking toward the future, Limbaugh expressed optimism that Americans, perhaps many yet to be born, would reject the pro-choice rhetoric, saying it evinces a cavalier attitude toward life itself... Every generation has thought from the beginning of time ... it's living in the 'last days,' ... yet it's never doomed and it's never finished, and it's never over with, and why is that? Well, because there's always a new generation or two that have yet to be born that don't know any of this negative stuff. And they eventually do get born despite the pro-abortion crowd, and they grow up and they decide they want a certain life for themselves that may not include some of all this rotgut that current generations are facing."

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