Aug 17, 2009

A tale of two Kennedys

Father Raymond J. de Souza writes an insightful commentary in the National Post of Canada on the death of Eunice Kennedy Shriver which contrasts her with her brother Teddy, US Senator from Massachusetts, drawing the conclusion that when one focuses on themselves they will devolve into support for abortion and license. de Souza notes that Eunice's obituary said that "she was forever devoted to the Blessed Mother. May she be welcomed now by Mary to the joy and love of life everlasting, in the certain truth that her love and spirit will live forever." In stark and biting contrast de Sousa writes "Such lines will not be written of Ted Kennedy."

This is because Teddy "blazed the trail of making religious belief an entirely private matter. His debauchery was the opposite of the Shrivers' piety. Having broken up his own family, he degenerated into a dissoluteness that reached its nadir on Good Friday, 1991, when instead of doing the Stations of the Cross at the local parish, he took his son and nephew out for a night of bar-hopping and skirt-chasing. The details of Ted's behaviour that night were embarrassingly sordid. It gave rise to the joke that Senator Kennedy's religion was so private he refused to impose it on himself."

"But Teddy's malign influence is no laughing matter. In many ways his Good Friday licentiousness was a harbinger for the decadent age of Clinton. The sexual license that Ted Kennedy lived most of his adult life had its public policy consequence in his fervent devotion to the cause of abortion -- for any reason, at any time, preferably publicly funded. The very children that Eunice devoted her life to defending are less likely to see the light of day now, in large part due to the unrestricted abortion license her brother did more than any other to defend."

Eunice Kennedy Shriver, RIP.
I would be remiss if I did not ask all to pray for the conversion of Senator Ted Kennedy. May almighty God grant him the grace of conversion and a good death.

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