Aug 30, 2009

The grace of a good death

As I stated previously in A Tale of two Kennedys" of Senator Ted Kennedy: May almighty God grant him the grace of conversion and a good death. Now that Kennedy is dead, I still believe we should pray for his soul and have clearly stated so several times.

At Mass this morning a fellow parishioner asked me if I watched Kennedy's funeral yesterday, which I did, and what I thought of it. This parishioner was glad that Kennedy had written his 10 page letter to the Pope, and seemed to think Kennedy had repented. I related that I was not that impressed, since Kennedy had formally and publicly cooperated in the intrinsic evil of abortion, I would have liked to have seen a public repentance. I was told "So you're still judging Kennedy." "No I am not at all" I replied, "I'm simply applying the Catechism, which says Kennedy was excommunicated automatically."

I cannot for the life of me understand how someone can be indifferent to the 36 years of Scandal Ted Kennedy has been to the faithful. Yes we want sinners to repent, but this is no longer about Ted Kennedy. It is about the Bishops.

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