Jun 3, 2009

Let us vote

Most people in the United States (92%), and even those who consider themselves Pro-Choice (84%), want at least some restrictions on abortion, especially the kind Dr. Tiller performed. These therapeutic abortions were done on near term babies for reasons that are definitely not any where near life threatening.
Perhaps Dr. Tiller's senseless death will finally spark the public debate about
abortion restrictions that this country needs to have.

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John Hosty-Grinnell said...

While I am against abortion I am also against voting away another person's rights. We cannot force someone to love God and His will, we must instead be a living example of His love so that others can see why this is so important.

Speak up, rally, protest, but do not vote away the free will God gave us as a way of forcing others to comply with our viewpoints. This does nothing to help a lost soul find Him; it has to be something others choose for themselves.