Apr 22, 2009

1st Word of God proclaimed

First, the Word of God must be proclaimed throughout the whole world. (Mt 24:14)

At the time of Fr. Arminjon's writing of The End of the Present World, 1881, he wrote, "It remains to be ascertained whether, at the present time, the gospel has been preached all over the earth, and given for a testimony to the totality of nations.
On this Point the Fathers and Doctors are divided. Some say that the words of Christ are to be interpreted morally, and should be understood in the sense of a partial, summary preaching: for them to be fulfilled, it is enough that missionaries should have enlightened a certain number of individual minds in the various parts of the inhabited earth, and that, on each deserted and remote hillside, the Cross should have been raised at least once." (p.16)

Fr. Arminjon is not of this Evangelism Lite, and cites St. Jerome and St. Bede, that the Word of God must be preached and "understood in the most strict and literal sense." Cornelius Lapide claims that Christianity must be "established and organized" and "subsisted at the level of a public institution."

Under this definition, we probably have a little ways to go in places like the Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and Europe. But this could change rapidly, as even in Iraq, a country that is 97% Muslim, we find 19% of the population watch Sat-7 Christian broadcasting in Arabic, Farsi and Turkish.

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