Feb 7, 2009

Prayer Needs

Please pray for the following people
Prayer Needs; Health and spiritual needs:
Health and spiritual needs: Pam G. and Molly full recoveries from Cancer, Georgia and her daughter 2 lb. 1 oz. daughter Grace who needs heart surgery, Keishela. Clyde that he is enlightened by the Holy Spirit, Joni and her husband from http://www.joniandfriends.org/ my aunt Pat, special Prayer request for Caroline to find her tax returns, relief from debilitating depression, job, home be spared from foreclosure (St. Joseph) and protected, and that she overcome her feelings of disappointment, helplessness and being spent, since mourning the death of her husband a year and a half ago. John Sinacola stomach cancer, Ian, Dave K. motorcycle accident, Lisa Lauring stage 4 lung cancer, Ramona neck injury, Sue Kucharshi (Sandy's sister) hip replacement surgery 5/21, Esther, Georga at Visitation House, her 3 year old Max and her newborn. Nialah for a daughter and for faith, hope and understanding, Abortion workers seeking new jobs …

"Dear God, I pray for the cure of cancer. Amen" - anon, Margie for her ministry to the unborn, Sheila, Paul the Holy Jumper, Mike Fields heart, Lisa Chamberlain Portsmouth England and her son Travis, Little Daniel who’s just diagnosed with an autism, 23 years old, 18 weeks pregnant, scheduled for an abortion in Pittsfield MA, Harry L., Jimmy B. heart, Stephen Galante who lost his fiance to a car accient - and his family; Bobby, Patty, Robert, Amanda, Chris, Travis and Thomas; Mark Forkey chemo, Joseph Tisdell, Phillip Monahan, John Tisdell shoulder surgery, Sylvia Fernandez from the Boston Pro-Life office, mother of 9 kids, has colon cancer, baby Sophia Freshteh Talebreza-Fischer who weighed 1 lb 8 oz at birth, and was 12.25 in. tall. President Obama and his cabinet and our elected officials, Monique and her baby Miracle from Baltimore, Bill G., Becky, Mark F. and others who are currently job seeking, toddler Moshe Holtzberg who’s parent’s were killed in Mumbai, Minnie P.; Vite T., baby Alyssa born prematurely at 2lbs, she's fighting for her life, Barry K. young man with Prostate cancer. Fr. Aloysius Nuolabong detached retina, Tom Brady, Lexi - 4 year old girl with Leukemia, Alice B., Kathleen jaw surgery (she’s fallen away but actually asked her mom to pray for her), John at St. George’s, Jacob cancer, conversion of younger sister Jane who is leaving her husband, and has a 2 year old, pray for reversion to her Faith. John H. heart attack Fran recovery from ACL surgery, Michele who is four months pregnant with her fourth child – who was diagnosed with Downs and a heart defect and Mom is being pressured to abort, Michele’s husband for a change of heart, Jim G. back surgery Wed 6/25, Gary G. - vertigo, Tina - advanced cancer; Jennifer - bi-polar depression; Jan - special intention; Tony L.- Alzheimer's and vision loss, Barbara, Curt (heart valve replacement infected and needs to be replaced again) and sons, Bob back surgery, Ted Kennedy conversion before he dies, Rachel Lee, a ten year old with a brain tumor. "for a couple with marriage problems" and their two young kids, For Mary and her young son Ryan that they may live in peace and happiness in their new home, Continued Grace for Karen and Bill and for all the folks' at the Barre Rosary/prayer group; David and Annick; Amy and Shawn, For the success of The Divine Mercy conferences in Rome, Deb H’s dad Gerard Thibert rushed to ICU and her mom RoseMarie, Alex collapsed at a high school track meet, had to have CPR, and is still unconscious in the hospital, with liver and kidney damage and possible brain damage, Elizabeth Dubay - muscular dystrophy, Shawn L. - broken arm in two places requiring surgery, Shari W's daughter Lyme disease, Robin cancer, Kay Pingeton-serious health issues; Jean-personal intention, Alex, a fifteen year old boy from Worcester who has been transferred to Boston Children's Hospital with heart failure resulting from a flu-type cold, K. Carlson cancer, Patrick Swayze, Sheila M. and Dennis P. conversion, Larry with Lymphoma, 9-year Ethan serious surgery, Luke Thrun and family, 8-year-old Prayers answered for Allie with collapsed lung and medically induced coma she's doing much better, Stacey (brain cancer) and Joe Persichetti, and their unborn son, John, Fr. Thomas Coover Bishop John McCormack and Fr. Edward Arsenault of New Hampshire, thanks for the successful kidney donation by Emmanuelle to her son Rémy, Joseph S. cancer Debbie S. musculor dystrophy, Rob in Worc. County House of Correction, Alice F., Nancy R. serious infection, freshman Christina L. and her college room-mate, My cousin Barbara B. Leukemia, Police Officer "Mike" in Georgia very seriously wounded while on duty, Nancy A. cancer, Ed Snell and John McTernan, David Y. to get a good job; for Eric Young; John Settle- advanced cancer, Mike Cormier bone marrow transplant, Dean's brother thyroid cancer, Yvonne and her son, Jan H's father and siblings in this time of her mother's death, John Benoit coronary bypass recovery, his wife Phyllis and all the Benoit and Bernard families, Jamie kidneys, Peter, For "Eddy" to realize Confession is a pre-requisite to Communion; P,D,A,M,B; "Mimi"; Mike; Kate W; Kate; Beth; Cory; Dan and family and a very special intention; Jack; Katie K., Julie M., Carmine, Yanni, Nancy, Mary L. stroke (and her mother), Jane and Ethan spiritual conversion, 15-year-old Nikki - very painful neuralgia. Carrie, Kevin Dolan; Kristin S., Cheryl S., Roland K.-leukemia; Tom and Barbara D. and children, Holy Cross, Sheila, Mike and family, Olivia near death, Michele T. and family, Sylvia, Courtney and kids, Mary R., Leah L. and family, Anne with Huntington's, Ruthie, "Mother of Mercy" field alter at the Divine Mercy, Johanna and her family, Anderson family, Tom in prison, Jack, Mary A., Skip Morley cancer, Flora Kunst -cancer, Rich Bard -cancer; Dave C.’s ministry and God’s will, Deb S's father for exploratory heart surgery, murderer Devaughdre Broussard, Tom B. in the Marines; Richard-emphysema, John Thomas who just joined the Marines, Andy Meier, and all injured in the Medjugoria bus crash, 4 year old girl Sky with inoperable brain tumor, House for Franciscan Nuns at St. Pauls, Rob McSheehy heart, Edward and Claire Young and family; Marie J., Janesse H., Steve, Thea and Sebastian, Lila Cystic fibrosis, Luanne cancer, Clement Krug lost intestines to cancer, McConahy family, Debbie V. housing, Patricia's nurse friend who calls priests for the dying, Terry near death with family problems, the following have cancer; Chris D. Henry V., "Abel" from Ghana, John Gagen Maxine H.. Heather Grimes and her team in Australia and their sponsorship, and the families of all the kids she meets, Phyllis McAuliffe, Claude D. lung cancer, Paul M. GBS, John C. esophagus, Judy C. lung cancer, Jenny, 15-year old boy named "T.J." and his parents, "M.R. Jr." and family, "L.B.", Carlene F., Baby Michael to thrive, 2-year old Jacob had a seizure, Mary Carmen Parenchyma lung cancer, Al Freeman, Special intention for Patricia, Larry C. Sarah L., Mike Paul's daughter Dee's health, Denise suicide who left 5 kids and husband. Justine brain cancer, Rosemary Shevchuk lupus; Deborah Harding; Gwen and Greg; Paula and Jim and family; Greg Anderson in the Marines in Iraq; Michael Morin in the Air Force in Iraq; Florienne Shevchuk; Anne Boudreau. Robert, Susan and Rob (divorced) and their girls Molly and Mackenzie, that they find God. Chris C., Lisa H. and family, and Vite T., Kathy L's mom, ‘Hopey’ McAulliffe (14), epilepsy and strength and direction for her mom Debbie, Anthony Leone, Rosalind Pingeton, Gayle McAulliffe, Shirley Somadelis, Makbulay 95 year-old women at Holy Trinity nursing home, Bernard family, Barbara Hoaglund stroke, Shawn P. liver, employment, Mike P‘s family life and marriage, Shane B., 12 year old with lymphoma, Richard and Dorothy B. health, Katie of 'Erin and Katie; Edmund Bachand loss of sight; Cindy Hagan cancer; Ginny P cancer; John B age, heart; Peggy O'Shea; Rod M.; Cheryl G. and family; Chris T, Jim C, Bridget’s mother, neuropathy. Also please pray for the work and the people of The Marians of the Immaculate Conception; the "13th of the month club" at the Divine Mercy; the "Friends of Mercy" club in all Stockbridge, MA.

Recently Deceased: Patty G., John Bellione, Bob DeMarco 51 father of three boys, Georga's father, Mike Paul's mother-in-law Dorothy, Dom DeLuise, Mari Loli of Garabindal, Jerry, Defender of Life Pat Taylor, Nicasia Hernandez, Cardinal Pio Laghi, Ed Brosnihan, Paul Carnaza, Christina Kuhn car accident 2/4/09, Peter Catches, Fr. Richard John Neuhaus, Steve, Ann Carnaza, Sunny von Bulow, Henry Veroneau; Marie Jerome, Rabbi Gavriel Noach Holtzberg and his wife, Rivkah killed in Mumbai, Col. John W. Ripley, USMC (Ret.); Charlie (husband of Caroline), Minnie Paquette, Paul Newman, young Tim O'Connor from leukemia, Msr. Thomas Sullivan's father Tom, Tony Snow, Jesse Helms, Tim Russert, Frank Shea, Ray Mahon, Dick Martin, Jean Marie (Kennedy) Roach, 27 year old James in VA in a coma after car crash died 4/11 after life support removed, Bishop's brother Joseph Reilly, Anne Butrym, Tom Lewis, William F. Buckley Jr., Nancy Brodeur who was on our prayer list for advanced cancer has passed away;Chaldean Catholic Archbishop Paulos Faraj Rahho who was kidnapped by gunmen in Mosul Iraq, Scott Chalfin died suddenly at 38, Nancy Petty, Lynda's mother-in-law, Boston Firefighter Richard Besse (husband of Gail Besse) 1/22/08 after a 10 month battle with cancer, Jeffrey Berglund, Carol T's and Janice's uncle Ed Reavey who was 99, Jackie Brosnihan, Pat Geneva, Bill Ash, Maxine Hargrove; Abel from Ghana, Dorothy McBride, William Amidon, Atty. John Spillane passed away on Christmas, Jan Hardy's mother, Joseph D'Andrea Sr., Jeffrey Mailman, 2-month Clover Ann Paul, Charlie O'Neil, Lawrence McAulliffe, Jeff Pallotta, Irene Figoni, Tom Yacuzzi, Pavorati, Sharon Condon, 19 year-old Andrew Tate, journalist Chauncy Bailey, Leo Trembley, Ellen Prunier, June Butrym, Nicole Shoemaker, Lillian Williams, David Westra age 41 died of leukemia – he took pictures of the 9/11 towers http://westra.com/disaster/, Ira Halliday, Patrick Hayden, Anne Decelles, Fr. Al's Dad in Ghana, Kathleen Harrity, Mari Carmen Perochena, Andrew Kenny, Little Audry Santo, Darryl Stingley, Melissa, Norman A. Tisdell, Jr., Bishop McManus’s mother, Stephen Cardinale, Peter Kelleher, Martha Sosman, Michael Dombrowski, Isabella Sliten, Jim Kenary; Mike O’Shea, Chris Santom's mom, Michael J.O'Toole, Vincent A. Librandi, Gerald Ford, Edward Sampson, Saddam Hussein, Chau Bridgeo, Dana Ashford (Emma M’s grandpa); Maj. Megan McClung, Capt. Travis Patriquin, Erin of 'Erin and Katie', Mark Booden, David O. West, Travis D. Monroe, Ruth Ingalls, Karen Arsenault, Joan Hendrickson, Naomi Rose Ebersole 7, Anna Mae Stoltzfus 12, Marian Fisher 13, Mary Liz Miller 8, Lisa Miller 7, Charles Roberts, Fred J. Moriarty, sister Leonella Sgorbati, Richard Fisher, Fr. Roland Gamache, Daniel A. Brady, Anthony ‘Bucky’ Ford, Emily Lamacchia, Bill Donahue Sr., Fr. James Shea, Jose F. Barrera, Officer Paul Barry, Leonard White, Eileen Sullivan, Clare Curtin, Jerry Freeman, Mary Volin, Sarah W., younger brother of Billy from Heifer Project, A.Kulandairaj, Ray T., Tom L.. Robert S., Kathy N., Ottilie L., Thomas M. Jr. and Joseph C.

Conversion: all our fallen-away friends and family members, Alan L., John H., Brett M., the parents of young Emmet and Sophia, who want to go to Church. Conversion for Tommie and his fellow atheists (Stardust), and for the hearing in Tommie’s right ear so that he would convert at this sign. Larry W. Jones. President of TV Land. Harry Forbes, the Director of the USCCB Office for Film and Broadcasting.


Renee said...

"Ted Kennedy conversion before he dies"

been praying for that one too!

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

Ted Kennedy is already Catholic.