Jun 15, 2006

Dear Sen. Chandler

Dear Sen. Chandler,
I urge you to support a vote on Amendment #20, the Marriage Amendment,
during the Constitutional Convention July 12th. This proposed amendment
passes Constitutional muster, and does not prevent Civil unions, as some
Anti-Marriage Amendment lobbyists have been misleading people to believe,
nor does this amendment address current same-sex marriages, it simply
"When recognizing marriages entered into after the adoption of this
amendment by the people, the Commonwealth and its political subdivisions
shall define marriage only as the union of one man and one woman."

No one wants to discriminate against gay people, we support that they
have the same Civil rights as everyone else in America, however redefining
marriage to include marrying anyone you choose, instead of the Traditional
definition of marry someone of the opposite or complimentary sex, will lead
to a further weakening of the Institution that best protects, nurtures and rears
children, that protects women,and civilizes men. This weakening has
already happened in Scandinavia and Holland.
Same Sex marriage will also create a Civil right, that cannot be abided by
many Christian, Muslim and Jewish religious traditions, forcibly creating a
"separate but equal" situation when these Religious groups seek to exercise
their right to Religious Freedom. This can only lead to conflict, as even
many same-sex marriage proponents such as Chai Feldblum of Georgetown
and Marc D. Stern of the American Jewish Congress have asserted.
The country may not be ready for this new civil right in the redefinition of
marriage, nor is the country ready for the coming conflict. This process
must begin with a Democratic vote!

Please support the vote on Amendment #20.
Sincerely, Jay G

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