May 4, 2006

St. Mary's still Catholic

Sometimes you need to be careful in how you phrase things. St. Mary's in Shrewsbury is hosting the Assabet Valley MasterSingers on Saturday May 6, under the direction of Dr. Robert P. Eaton at 8PM. Apparently Dr. Eaton is a fan of the Classical Jazz ensemble The Paul Winter Consort, but then again, so am I as I own the LP Record of Icarus by the same group.

The Paul Winter Consort has a music CD, available on Amazon

Here's the problem with not being careful in how you phrase things. The name of this music piece by the Paul Winter Consort, which the Assabet Valley MasterSingers will perform at St. Mary's is called the Missa Gaia/Earth Mass. So this is a song, not a Mass.

So who's not careful? The Hudson Arts Alliance, who published the following notice

If you only read this notice, you might think that St. Mary's in Shrewsbury had succumbed to those New-Age, Neo-Pagan influences so prevalent today and was offering idol worship on the Alter of our Lord. When I called, the secretary seemed confused that I thought there was an 8PM Mass on Saturday – it’s at 4:30PM. And outside of a few quotes by Fr. Leo from a banned nun, it’s always a Catholic Mass, not an Earth Mass.

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